• pooopsi

    Big bäm Mr @whale-av - thx again and again!

    Somehow the playbk/playbkr/playbkl don´t work anymore, when I replace the updated files.

    I made the patch a little easier to test it´s functions:
    Egotest1 is the older version without the updated files. Playbk works fine
    EgoTest2 is the new version: - playbk doesn´t work

    The console shows this error message:
    1025-float-1.wav-array: no such table
    1025-float.wav-array: no such object
    (and so on for each file I want to record).

    -this is what it should do:

    1. it´s playing back a wav
    2. it´s playing back the mic in
    3. making three recordings
    4. playing back the recordings on playbk/playbkl/playbkr
    5. playing back one recording multiple times with different pitches
    • i still didn´t manage to make the "choir" working, but is there any chance I could play back the choir recordings, each on a different/random panning?

    I couldn´t find "goggins_pan~" neither as an external or in PD, nor even with google?! Could you maybe upload that extension for me?

    ...aaand do you maybe know someone who is into PD and living in Berlin!?

    Very best sunshine greetings

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  • pooopsi

    Thanks again Mr Whale!

    ...finally it comes to the point where I can use the patch for an interactive performance!
    (if you have time on wednesday and you are in berlin, please activate your invitation@ www.artsociety.io )

    I still wonder how I can add the parameter to the writesf~ automatically to separate and archive the different recordings and then later combine all existing files to a choir.

    Even more I wonder how I could "spread out" the different voices in space - in my patch, i use a simple L/R-stereopanning, but it doesn´t sound spacial at all - could you recommend me a binaural stereo panner and could i somehow randomize the settings for each different playbk, so that the voices are coming from different angles and maybe even depths... and dreaming big ...could i maybe even orbit those voices around the listener?

    And last but not least i wonder: how can I best trigger the patch?! First I thought of sth like a BT- or USB-button that starts the patch, but maybe I can make it easier...and include sth like a HEY GOOGLE -speak command, or a specific knocking rhythm ?! Maybe you got an easy idiot-proof idea?!

    Thanks a billion times for any advice!

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  • pooopsi

    after finally finding a solution to get a video-feed from my MacBookPro-iSight camera into PD (with the help of iGlasses) I struggle to find a proper way to record the Video.
    I want to use a timer to record little snippets which I then want to mix together as one clip.

    Also I´d like to use multiple usb-cameras.

    Thanks for your help

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  • pooopsi

    @don-brown said:

    I can't attach it

    i tried to find sth in that mailinglist, but couldn´t find anything .... any chance you could upload it somewhere?

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  • pooopsi

    Thanks David -
    is there any news regarding GEM/Video-Recording that I am missing? ...as far as I understand I´d need to use Syphon? ...but can I automatize it with PD triggers? (like using the timer_set.pd to trigger record in Syphon for a time and then trigger a playback of that recorded file in PD?)

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  • pooopsi

    I´d be really interested if somebody managed to run GEM/PD on a Raspi ...and how! Could you maybe share your raspi-image? Still struggeling to get PD running :(

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  • pooopsi

    Well, this is getting closer to the idea:


    I still could not figure out, how i can playback different recorded samples using the same object at the same time.

    Also, I would love to overdub all recorded Om-sounds in the end so that sth like a virtual choir is created.

    Also the sound from the mic sounds not really good, I wonder if I am missing something?!

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  • pooopsi

    Bam! Here is the first test: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wy67kjiwtzjlst1/Om4.zip?dl=0

    So far so good, but somehow it seems that I can only playback one playbk-object a t the same time?

    And I have the feeling the voice sounds really weired/shit - any chance I can improve the quality somehow?
    Also the latency really sucks - could an external soundcard/mic help to improve the situation?

    And I still really wonder how I could time trigger the whole thing to stop and reset, because i can´t link the timer_set to the on-off switch. ?

    Ooomgreetings, B..

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