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    @youaresound Ah....... you actually want to use vanilla.
    This will be the one you want........ http://msp.ucsd.edu/Software/pd-0.48-1.msw.zip
    Then you will need to "deken" all the libraries that you need.
    Most should work.
    GEM is the huge stumbling block. Although it can be made to work it is very difficult, some abstractions will fail, and the necessary build will "depend" on the machine you are building for.
    Yes, you can start up with a batch file, or just a shortcut with all the switches and paths built in will work.
    EG......... here is my shortcut "target" for 0.47-1 with Gem......

    "C:\Users\David\Desktop\Pd Vanilla\pd-0.47-1.msw\pd\bin\pd.exe" -lib C:\Users\David\Desktop\dot\0.94-test3/Gem -font-size 10 -font-face "Consolas"`

    The problem with batch files and shortcuts is always going to be how to tailor them to the users name.
    It can be done, but I remember it changed slightly after XP.
    I can come back to you with help for that, but it might be only in a few days.
    You can use variables like


    instead of "C:\Users\whatever" and "Desktop" is I think now uniform (it's a hidden variable) across languages (which I remember it was not in XP..... or maybe that was windows 2000 or NT...... aargh).....
    And you can use some user interaction to set other variables as well.

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    @youaresound Yes, that's the last "ever?" release.
    The "install" version certainly works in every respect in widows7.
    I have seen someone from this forum using it in widows10.
    I run various flavours of vanilla on the same machines as "run anywhere (-- portable)" without conflicts.
    If you already have vanilla, then it's probably best to use the run anywhere version of extended.....
    ... just dump it in a folder on the desktop (or elsewhere) and keep its folder out of the path of any other version. You can have other folders (containing your patches) in the paths of many versions though......
    Extended and vanailla do not share their preferences.
    Different versions of vanilla do.....

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    @youaresound In windows...... yes....... input_event.zip
    AAARGH sorry...... wrong way around.
    Try extra/hcs [cursor]
    I have no mouse for checking, but it should work.........

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    @youaresound It's in /extra/iemlib
    address number x"

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    @pooopsi P.S.....This might be usable as a patch........
    ......replacing a [pix_image] with [pix_video]

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    @pooopsi The site has a security error....... in IExplorer I just click "ok ignore" but maybe your browser has some other way of bypassing security.

    There are some objects for Spout (windows equivalent of syphon) https://puredata.info/downloads/spout-for-pd-gem (someone else might search here for that).

    And for OSX...... https://puredata.info/downloads/syphon-for-pd ....... but not a stable release.

    You could try VPT7........ https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/vpt-forum/E4ggcYU5sk4 (scroll to first post and open it) for recent versions of OSX.........
    It can deal with syphon, and you can talk to it through OSC messages, Midi, DMX etc.
    It is a superb video tool, that you should have on your machine anyway. No "installation" required (for windows but osx?).
    Be prepared to read the detailed manual though, or you will be "lost" very quickly......

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    @pooopsi Seems to be. I think it has moved here...... https://en.flossmanuals.net/pure-data/video-gem-tutorials/moving-images
    It has a security problem with it's https certificate..... but seems clean.

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    @Llk998 Hello, [threshold~] will send a "bang" when its incoming audio signal exceeds a threshold that you can set.
    Some vanilla objects are not available in mobmuplat though, and I cannot find the list.
    If it doesn't work then try [env~] and feed its outlet to [> x] .....(x you will need to set to a "good" value, so that the data value "1" is passed on for every metronome click)...... and then the output of [> x] is sent to [select 1] which will output a bang every time the value x is exceeded.
    You will probably get a series of bangs in rapid succession though. There will be a way to cope with that though. There is (almost) always a solution in Pd.

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    @willgerwat Sorry to be so slow..... it was dinner time....
    No, it's not the samplerate. It's the sample size that changes with each recording. [soundfiler] outputs the total number of samples.

    So as the faders are all 0-1..... and the array has been resized to equal the samplesize......
    Start point = left limit fader value x samplesize
    End point = right limit fader value x samplesize
    Samplerate will always be 44100 if Pd is set to that.

    The phasor ramps from 0 to 1...... and is set to do so in the time that is required to play the range of samples.
    So it's frequency is samplerate / (end point - start point) (e.g. ramp every 2sec for 88200 samples between the points....... 0.5Hz) if you want it to play at the correct speed.
    Vary that frequency if you want to change the playback speed.

    When it is at zero, you want it to output the starting sample number......
    ..... and when it is at 1 you want the endpoint sample number.
    So the output of [phasor~] is multiplied by the "playback length" and then the Start point is added.
    So (phasor output x (end point - start point) ) + start point........ is sent to tabread~
    I hope that is easy to understand (and correct....... :confused: )

    This might work........ bspoke.pd ..... or at least get you part way.......
    I have not dived into your glitch patch yet to understand what it does..... how it works........... but that math should apply regardless.


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    @willgerwat Hello.
    It's hard to tell because a few objects are missing, like [g_tgl on] and others.
    But (sorry, I moved some stuff around so it is not exactly in the same place) you seem to have a gap in the calc here....... and the [*~] is not being triggered.
    Just a first look.......

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