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    @beem Ok..... it does what you want apart from the squeak at the beginning...,... but I don't remember the Echoplex or the Roland space echo doing that..... (If you don't like it I still have some tape loops for the Roland). It could have been tape hiss rapidly changing pitch I suppose.
    Somewhere I should have a recording on reel-2-reel of John Martin doing the whole Pink Floyd thing on his own through an Echoplex...... 1971 I think..... but I no longer have a tape machine.... :disappointed:
    I have modded it to be able to change the tape loop length........ space_echo.pd
    You can erase the whole loop if required........ [const 0(
    You can reduce the speed to zero.
    You can run the tape backwards........ a new feature....:expressionless:
    Credit to @mjhbrowne for the original......... https://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/10972/distorted-sound-trying-to-simulate-a-bucket-brigade-delay/3
    Credit to @katjav for [ipoke~]

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    @beem I think it should be as easy to compile for a mac as it is for Linux.
    From a terminal...... cd into the src folder..... and then type make and press return.
    You can look inside the file "makefile" first..... but I don't see anything extra that you would have to do for "make" to work on osx.
    You should then have a ipoke~.pd_darwin binary made for your system.
    Put it in a startup path and [ipoke~] should create.

    If you want to see if it is worthwhile and you have a copy of 32-bit vanilla (0.47) you can test the patch using the .pd_darwin already compiled in the zip.

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    @beem No time to check right now...... but...... I remember this will do that..... bucket_brigade_delay.pd
    It needs a later vanilla but that can probably be changed.
    And it needs [ipoke~]
    This is all I have for [ipoke~].... 32/64bit system dependant with a makefile.......... but you might be able to do something with it....... or maybe it has had a recent update....... ipoke~.zip

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    @raynovich maxlib/average and markex/average can do 128..... if that helps......
    Otherwise cyclone/mean seems unlimited....... if you could use that.

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    @rjohn45 The sort of challenge I like.
    I have put a "sensitivity" fader.
    Picking up the volume again where it was set the last time is easy with [moses].
    But the joystick takes time to flick back to 50.......and at the same time you do not want to simply ignore messages that decrease the volume intentionally.

    You will have to set the sensitivity fader so that intentional messages work but letting go of the joystick does not flick the volume down a little bit (and then store your patch so that it is remembered).
    That will make the volume just very slightly unresponsive...... a very small delay but hopefully unnoticeable. I can't see how to avoid that.

    At the top left of the patch is a testing setup for me as I do not have a joystick..... you can delete that bit and put your joystick data in where [inlet volume] is.
    Here it is......... mitigate_volume.pd

    It should ignore leftward movement of the joystick..... everything happens on the right hand side.
    An alternative would be to use leftwards as "turn down" and rightwards as "turn up"...... and a much slower change in the volume..... possible of course..... a sort of "nudge up" "nudge down"...........
    (and a screenshot)

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    @trumpetfish1 Hello and welcome to the forum.
    Indeed, the $1 is the problem.
    [sixteen_harmonics] is what we call an abstraction...... a patch that can be used many times inside another patch.
    So that it can be used many times without conflicts between each copy it has been given a variable for the name of the array....... $1
    It was designed to be used by the patch (in the same folder) building_waveforms_with_sines.pd
    If you open that patch you will see that [sixteen_harmonics] has been given what we call an "argument".
    In this case the argument is "wavetable" and as the patch is opened the $1 within [sixteen_harmonics wavetable] has been replaced with wavetable.
    You don't see that change but if you open [sixteen_harmonics wavetable] you will see the patch you had trouble with working...... and if you put a [print] after [symbol $1] it will print "wavetable" to the terminal as you move a fader. The $1 in the following message will then also be replaced by "wavetable".
    BEWARE $1 in an object and $1 in a message have different purposes...... see the link below...!!
    It is a very powerful feature that you should know about and will let you build much faster and more easily once you understand it...... https://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/9774/pure-data-noob/4

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    @csunflowert That's good news. Could you add the solution to your other thread please...... it could help someone in the future and that is what the forum is for.

    Unsure about the possibilities for Leap motion. There are SDK's but I left university in 1974 having studied only Fortran.

    There is open source softwate for the Mac for sharing video frames....... http://syphon.v002.info/ but it looks like it only provides a server for Pd....... but maybe it can talk both ways.
    I have used the equivalent.... Spout....... in windows with Pd.
    If you Google....... Syphon Pure Data...... you will find more info.
    It was started in about 2014 I think and I don't know if it made it through the 32>64bit upheaval.
    Most of what you will find will be in French.
    There are a great number of French audiovisual artists and programmers using Pd for graphics.
    I can help with the French if you need me, and I will try to trawl through the posts if I get the spare time...... but I have no way of testing.
    Maybe you will find Syphon has been replaced by something else.

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    @Naomi Errors stopping looped players fixed....... splpatch.zip

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    @Naomi Not laughing.
    You had a few mistakes. Watch your terminal (set the log to 2-normal). For example you cannot send a float from a toggle into [random] and you will get a message in red in the terminal if you do.
    I have changed your toggle buttons to bangs where necessary.
    I probably haven't done all you asked for (not sure where you want the delay) and anyway you will have more questions..... but...... try this.... splpatch.zip
    Don't forget to unzip!
    Each of your previous sub-patches is now an abstraction....... so you can put them into other patches.
    The only one that needs an argument (for now) is [ring_solo] and the argument tells it which track to load.
    Your audio files will need to be in the same unzipped folder (for now).
    P.S. I have changed the sliders to output 0-1 to [freverb~] (in their properties) as they were sending 0-127 and values above 1 are bad for [freeverb~]

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    @Jona Usually happens at the weekend. I wondered about that too.
    I deleted 3-4 thousand users last year...... with strange auto generated x.y.z addresses...... worst.txt
    It took about 6 days.
    We have quite a few new users with gmail accounts not posting and not returning.
    I considered deleting them after say 4 months.
    It's a lot of work but maybe worthwhile.

    But as they have not returned I don't see how it can be a DOS attempt.
    Otherwise...... I wonder if it happens when a robot (google etc.) scrapes the site.

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