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    thank you @weightless, this patch is awensome and saved my life.

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    @whale-av thank you for the answer! nice solution !
    Anyway, I hope for an easiest solution without inserting send/receive in abstractions

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    I've found a way for opening and closing a patch but not to check if it's already open. How to do it?



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    Hi all,
    some months ago I've installed Pure Data on my lubuntu 64 bit, now I'm trying to update my Pd 0.50.2 to a newer version.
    When I try to update the software list with "sudo apt-get upgrade", in the result I've got this message: <<The repository "http://apt.puredata.info/releases focal Release" does not have a release file>>.

    Therefore, if I write sudo apt-get upgrade puredata I receive this message: "puredata is already the newest version (0.50.2-3)."

    Now, what's the best way for updating Pure Data and do not lose my preferences?

    I see that in the download page, there are many packages:

    I haven't found on the web many information, so here I am.
    I'm not a linux and pure Data expert at all and I don't want to do random things. :grin:

    Many thanks

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    I'm studying PD from about 1 month. I'm projecting a part of my new live setup with PD, therefore I think i will stay here for a long time :)

    I was just thinking how could be useful to have a wiki for pure data, so I'm pleasantly surprised to find this thread!
    I must say that, to find information, I have found myself confused several times with the various platforms of Pure Data!
    So I think a wiki can be a great connector and glue.

    Each person will be able to contribute, and I believe that a structure of this kind has a great potential.

    For example, in these days I felt the need to have a manual for the entire external librarys, to be able to easily browse what's inside all that. Currently it seems to me that there is none of this on the web. Also here, the wiki could be very powerful (for a section dedicated to externals/deken, I would be happy to work on it).

    I think that initially it is good to leave registrations open to contribute, to encourage people to help (but certainly in the future, you can always change). I have seen many wikis work fine with open registrations.

    So, does anyone have an idea for a server that we could use and try to start?
    I believe this pandemic period could be perfect for starting this project!

    p.s. there are other PD communities not mentioned by @lordgreekfolder , like Facebook (really big) and Telegram.

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    Thank you solipp, look like a really interesting library.
    I've got an error when I'll try to use it:
    "audiolab: can't load library"

    I thought because I'm using Pd 0.50.2 "vanilla", is it possible? Will it be available for this version?

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    I'm just starting out with Pure Data, but this thing it looks really interesting to me.
    I would love to see some patches with pdjs.

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