• svanya

    This was just a test-drive of my guitar controlled rack. But think it points a light in a very interesting direction.

    The patch sends values from the guitar to the rack base on 6 (midi) pitch slots between 40 and 64 (using sigmund~). The amplitude in those slots controls the values for 3 parameters per effect [1..6].

    Three channels/audio outs were sent to stereo wave files 1) after the eq7 (diy2), 2) after the first effect, and 3) after the whole stack.

    The two effects used were pitchshifter>a delay (triple bodyresonace (also diy2)).

    May you find it amusing. If not inspirational.

    Love and Peace through Music,

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  • svanya

    Should have included this in the original post...besides song 1, for this album I abandoned the notions of melody, refrain, chorus, etc., and focused exclusively on the feelings I have when communication, esp. speech, is going "right". In other words having the music emulate a conversation, not a song.

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  • svanya

    Though only version 1.0.0 (and am currently mastering to v 1.0.1) am very happy with how this came off.

    Large reliance on pd, esp. re. tone.


    Best listened to in the foreground and song #1, Sweet Dreams, is intended to put The Listener to sleep.

    May only Love and Good Will drive your spirit.


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  • svanya



    purpose: to have a single slider(etc.) serve 2 purposes;
    akin to double/stacked potentiometers;
    esp. useful in OSC, ex. PdParty;
    0 $1=channel a(left) or b(right)[0|1];
    1 $1=the sliders value [0-1];
    left: channel a value;
    right: channel b value

    Created mainly to handle the limited screen space in PdParty. But can see how it migh prove useful elsewhere.

    May Music flow thru you like fruit from a tree.


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  • svanya

    thanks for all your help (in advance).

    Peace thru all of our music flowering out if us,

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  • svanya

    As to an audio wave not being able to curl back, it can if the wave form is looked at as the sum of 3 wave forms where the value between t(or x)=a,b,c, or d are flattened to 0. So the audio signal is not one osc~ but rather 3 truncated ones then summed [+~].

    At least that would represent (visually) what a nautical wave does.

    Which is why I am so intrigued. Nautical waves "do" it. But have not seen nor heard audio waves do so.

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  • svanya

    my current thinking is...

    for the static version of just sound cresting use 3 wave tables assembled with the 3 shapes representated below (sin(x=0 to 3/2pi), sin(x=(pi to 3/2pi)/2offset pi), and sin(x=pi-2pi).


    as to whether this will auditorially speaking result in 0, I am unconcerned, i.e. just sum them and see what it sounds like/is it discernibly different from just osc.

    if someone, can tell me how to get those wave tables, that would be great. thanks, in advance.

    note: also found this:


    which may lead us to a possible Dynamic osc~ of breaking-wave form, since I am pretty sure we can do this using [osc~] plus some fancy audio arithmetic, ex. a timer to [*~ 0] where any of the 3 forms are not present, etc.

    thanks, also for any and all thought put into it.

    just stumps me, why on one hand Nature makes perfect osc sound but does not do the same thing for liquids (matter?).

    peace and love. may your day be blessed.

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  • svanya

    seems do-able via either wave tables or osc~ but currently am not able to patch it.


    was drawn to this when I saw so many surfing videos but was struck how they are so (traditionally speaking) dissimilar from audio waves which are always only swells and never "break".

    thanks, for your time.

    and may love and peace always flower out if you.


    look fwd to seeing what you think

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  • svanya

    (Sending OSC to a patch on my laptop) including an iPod with PdParty (attached to my guitar) sending Roll=delay-feedback and Pitch=vcf-cutoff and an iPhone with PdParty (attached to my chest) sending Yaw=reverb-roomsize.

    Enjoy and Music thru us all.

    Love and Peace.

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  • svanya

    1st range of motion test for the 3d-whammy;
    in this case attached and calibrated to the front of my guitar
    stack: chorus-to-delay with feedback-to-reverb
    roll=chorus depth
    pitch=delay delay-time
    yaw=reverb roomsize

    via PdParty OSC controller (below): (where !GU=not on guitar, i.e. on my wrist and GUI=attached to the front of my guitar


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