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    Tension is high right now in the US . But I have found, when I am feeling my most-helpless, it is best to try and help someone else.

    That being the case...

    The following are additional Markdown syntax our forum editor supports that are not in our taskbar.

    "May they serve you well"/"For better highway vision".


    Markdown Cheat Sheet

    Basic Syntax


    H1 = # H1

    H2 = ## H1

    H3 = ### H1



    blockquote = > blockquote

    Ordered List

    1. First item = 1. First item
    2. Second item = 2. First item
    3. Third item = 3. First item

    Horizontal Rule = ---

    Extended Syntax

    These elements extend the basic syntax by adding additional features. Not all Markdown applications support these elements.


    Tables are made using pipes. Colons can be used to align columns.

    table center right left
    value centered right-aligned left--aligned
    value centered $12 $11


    | table|center|right|left|
    | ------------- |:-------------:|-----:|:----|
    | value|centered|right-aligned |left--aligned |
    | value |centered|$12 |$11 |

    Adding spacer columns is good for clarity

    TH1 ----- TH2 ----- TH3
    col1 - col2-value - col3-value
    col1 - col2 - col3


    | TH1| -----| TH2| ----- |TH3|
    | :---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|---:|
    | col1 |  -   | col2-value | -  |col3-value|
    | col1 |  -  |col2| -  |col3 |

    Fenced Code Block

      "firstName": "John",
      "lastName": "Smith",
      "age": 25


    The world is flat. = ~~The world is flat.~~

    Task List

    • [x] Write the press release
    • [ ] Update the website
    • [ ] Contact the media


    If you know of others the editor supports, I would love to hear about them (here).

    As making our posts easier to understand, even if only visually/style-wise, I think would be a good thing.



    p,s, if looks to me like it does not support the github markdown syntax.

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    A funner example....
    Sliders instead of hradio


    So gradients between the four wave shapes.

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    As you click it the color and value change.

    For example:
    I am using it to control rms, where rms= the b8's value/states

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    wavebypartial.pd: Waveshaping intermediate waves between the four basic waveshapes



    So reading/selecting across are the partials for that waveshape, ex. sine's are all "0", etc.

    The bangs just after the waveshape-name select all the partials for that waveshape, ex. clicking sine's bang makes the wavetable a sine curve.

    The sliders have been included in case you want to manually shape the wave.

    note: best to change to Log Level 1 (errors) as it does throw a lot of the pd-rounding messages.

    I had been wondering about this for a while..."How do you get at the between-shapes?".

    May it serve of some use to you.


    p.s. really just killing time until I have to get back to my much more complicated current project.

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    Sample output with "test" playing and me just "tweaking the knobs".


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    Even better...
    To do recursion is:

    [makefilename %s/**/*/*.wav]

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    I figured it out. You just make a requirement as to how deep the files are, ex. ./samples/maker/kit/*.wav.
    Then you do:
    Thank you, for your input.

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    Thanks for the tip about Posix

    Having trouble figuring this out though: Does POSIX support the following by default: grep, find, readlink?

    Thanks, in advance. Much appreciated.

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    gensyn~: generic, multi-modulator synthesizer abstraction

    REQUIRES: zexy

    what makes this synthesizer abstraction different is:

    In addition to the common access to adsr(filter and amp) and vcf~(cutoff and frequency)

    It also includes

    • 5 available modulation types for two wavetables
      • additive and frequency, phase, pulse, and amplitude modulation
    • 8 possible types for each wavetable
      • sine, square, triangle, saw, random, duty, pink noise, noise
        • the random is by a settable number of partials
        • the duty is a square wave with settable dutycycle
    • access to two unique parameters per modulation type

    Note: The -help file has a substantial number of examples. Especially, interesting are those changing modulation type, wavetype, parameters (per mod), partials, and dutycycle on a per-voice basis by both formula and over time.

    I hope you enjoy it, get some use out of it, or it just makes you smile or giggle.


    p.s. no picture necessary. And personally, I find this Very funny. -Peace.

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    waves: sin, square, triangle, saw, random, duty-square, pink noise (a 128 partial random sinesum) and noise (a 2051 partial sinesum)

    the outlet sets a list for the random and duty sinesums (for saving).

    credit for the dutycycle funtion goes to: @seb-harmonik.ar

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