• svanya

    I like this way better...

    Create 128 clones (by default) and then create the weighted lists length by number of states and then filter by clone-index for the number of states.

    So one can change the number of markov channels in real time,


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  • svanya



    I really needed something flexible to handle my randomness so built this.

    If you have any questions, just ask.

    I hope you may find it useful.

    Peace thru Sharing
    Love through Music.


    May your day be bright and overflowing with Joy...or at least...not too terribly aggravating. :-)

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  • svanya

    May you enjoy this piece and your day/night, as the case may be :-) .


    Peace thru Music and Love thru sharing.

    p.s. the patch is Definitely coming along.

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  • svanya

    The patch, which I will share when I am finished with it, runs on a global 1/16 (of bpm) metro then each of the eight tracks triggers when its (set) modulus equals 0. So it (more than likely) "loses time" in every 16 beat loop.

    Has a 4 channel markov chain per track and then takes input from 4 xysliders to change the modulae on the fly, while markovs are not doing it.


    Way(!) fun to play. I call doing so: "Riding The Whale".

    Peace thru sharing.
    Love thru Music.

    May your Pding be pleasurable and bountiful.

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  • svanya

    I have never made "Art" to make money. ...Really, only to keep sane.

    And because...largely, I operate on the belief...feeling...that someone may benefit (esp. those feeling lo/blue/etc.) from my work.

    So...if ads do come up on my videos...blame Google. For I am not the one to apologize for them.

    I am sorry, however, that our civilizations has not yet(!) evolved past the point where such resources are "free".

    I do hope you can look past any ads, etc., that may come up and successfully dissociate from the ideas they would like to proliferate:

    that my work is intended to make money;
    that All art is intended to make money;
    that one can not make Art without wanting to make money.

    Peace through (information :-)) Sharing.
    Love through giving.

    Happy PD-ing.

    May your work flow freely and easily through you today and All days.


    p.s. as I said once...a long time ago..."Give it ALL a way to go free".
    p.p.s. the videos here are via "Unlisted" videos. So if you do happen share them, I ask that you include the above. Thank you.

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  • svanya

    ...and feel like sharing?

    I have been working on a generic, randomizing sequencer ("genplayer~") that thus far includes everything I can think of.

    However, I know next to nothing about harmony.

    But it seems to me, given the diagram below, one could start at key (triangular point) X and tell the program to weighted-randomly pick between ex +/-1 clockwise/counterclockwise points, +/-2 CW/CCW, etc.


    As I say, I know nothing about harmony (except what I learned making the metamodal bridge with my friend).

    Yet, I am pretty sure, if one took what it does (filtering input to only notes that are in the mode-key) and what :-) you know about harmony...we could make a patch that sends random notes, but changes whether they are in, for example Keys C,G,D (where C and D are +/-5 points away from G).

    In advance I appreciate your help...and having read this far.

    Peace through sharing.
    And Love through Music.

    p.s. in it's current incarnation, genplayer~ leaves the changing of keys up to the user. But it would be way cooler, if it could just do it on its own [metro] time.

    p.p.s. I am thinking it would do something like the metamodal bridge with harmonicity: choosing (via a setting) whether to even allow (given any weight to) those key combinations which are most harmonious to those which are least harmonious.

    Happy PDing.

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  • svanya

    This was too fun to pass up and based on some other work I am doing, I thought I would go ahead and put this together.



    It takes @Jona - @ingox work and rather than being any pitches between [0..127], the sliders (results) are scaled to only include those pitches which are allowed by the meta-modal+harmonics bridge (see: https://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/13276/mmbh-metamodal-bridge-plus-harmony-filter). So it only allows you to select/set pitches which are in the selected mode-key.

    It then routes the results to [fluid~] (with a program selector, for the FluidR3_GM.sf2 sound font).

    Peace through Sharing.
    Love through Music.


    p.s. Just ask if you have any questions or need clarification.

    p.p.s. Thank you, @Jona - @ingox. The multisliders are really cool. And think it would work well to create weights for [list-wrandom], ex. in making pseudo-random, "controlled"-random generators.

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  • svanya



    Before I built Jass~(Gemini) I first had to spend a lot of time gathering together all the information I could about all the basic synth types.

    This patch consolidates all 5 of the basic types (additive, frequency, phase, pulse, and amplitude) under one heading so that they may be more quickly, easily, and readily comprehended.

    It includes selectors for the carrier and modulator wave types, as well as, the two basic controls for each type, and an array so you can both see and hear how those basic types look, feel, and sound.

    It's also just sort of cool to listen to.

    I hope it may make it easier for you to digest the (what may initially seem complex ideas) more readily and conveniently.

    Note: the floss-manuals have a lot to say about it, but leave off some stuff. And the audio-examples -help files are spread out across a lot of space and leave off the viable ranges for each control/parameter.

    Good luck! Happy PD-ing. Stay healthy and

    Peace through Music and Love through sharing.

    p.s. if you find something that is "wrong" about the patches, in terms of how that type of mod is suppose to work, please, let me know, as I did have to guess about a lot of stuff and would love to learn.

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  • svanya


    Rereading yr comment...

    You could also write independent, non-clone abstractions as

    [gensyn 0] [gensyn 1] [gensyn 2] etc. and then all the tables would take those $1's into account and you would send in msgs to each one (on their left inlet) as [t1 value(, etc.

    That is, if I understand your desire, should work, too.

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