• solipp

    @Gabriel-Lecup thanks!

    apparently cpole~ and czero~ in pd biquad were in the wrong order. It should work now, you can find the updated objects on github (link above)


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  • solipp

    have a look at H13.butterworth.pd and the filtergraph1 and filtergraph2 abstractions in the audio examples.
    and you'll need to delay the reference signal (2nd & 3rd outlet of filtergraph1) according to your systems latency. I haven't tried this with analog filters, but i guess it should work..

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  • solipp

    Pd spectral toolkit has a nice auto tune example.
    search for pd_spectral_toolkit on deken

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  • solipp

    version 0.2 is now available on deken!


    • added peak method in pp.env~ pp.env-st~
    • added rotate function in pp.fft-timbre~ pp.fft.timbre-st~
    • changed lowpass filtering in pp.doppler~ pp.dopplerxy~
    • pp.rev~ 100% wet by default
    • buffer length calc. in pp.fft-partconv~ pp.fft-partconv-st~
    • new objects: pp.twisted-delays2~ pp.spacer~
    • fixed some bugs

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  • solipp

    @whale-av said:

    It could be tested to see whether its control rate message inlet will take (in msecs) small enough float values to make that happen.

    here is a test patch vline-test.pd. vline~ accepts messages at any time with sub-sample accuracy. This is also documented in the help-file.

    @lacuna said:

    [metro 1 1 samp]  

    How could I have known that? The helpfile doesn't mention this. (Offtopic: actually the whole forum is full of pd-vocabular-questions)

    It is documented in the metro-helpfile since pd-0.48 i guess. But i agree, there is not much redundant information in pd's helpfiles, to put it mildly ;)

    But you can „use“ the metro counts every 64 samples only, don't you?

    yes, except you use it with vline~ (see test-patch)

    When should I use [block~ 1 1 1] and when shouldn't I?

    whenever you need delay~ times smaller than 64 samples.

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  • solipp

    on second thought, it doesn't make much sense to me.. I think you know, but, to increase the frequency resolution you just set a higher blocksize in the fft-subpatch, time resolution is your samplerate.
    So, zero-padding to reduce latency? for a high-res spectrum display, or.. what do you want to do with your patch? I'm curious!

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  • solipp

    aha, so its about low latency fft? if you have a working patch, please share it!

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  • solipp

    there is no need for zero-padding if you want to increase the frequency resolution in a fft-subpatch (block~), or do i get something wrong?

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  • solipp

    my "audiolab" abstraction library is now available on deken. You'll need Pd-0.50 or later to run this.
    Please report any bugs on github: https://github.com/solipd/AudioLab

    here is a picture to draw you in (:

    list of objects:

    Soundfle processing
    pp.sfplayer~ ... variable-speed soundfile player
    pp.grainer~ ... granular sampler
    pp.fft-stretch~ ... pvoc time stretching & pitch shifting

    pp.pan~ ... constant power stereo panning
    pp.midside~ ... mid-side panning
    pp. spat8~ ... 8-channel distance based amplitude panning
    pp.doppler~ ... doppler effect, damping & amplitude modulation
    pp.dopplerxy~ ... xy doppler effect

    pp.freqshift~ ... ssb frequency shifter
    pp.pitchshift~ ... pitch shifter
    pp.eqfilter~ ... eq-filter (lowpass, highpass, resonant, bandpass, notch, peaking, lowshelf, highshelf or allpass)
    pp.vcfilter~ ... signal controlled filter (lowpass, highpass, resonant)
    pp.clop~ ... experimental comb-lop-filter
    pp.dynamics~ ... compressor / expander
    pp.env~ ... simple envelope follower
    pp.graindelay~ ... granular delay
    pp.rev~ ... fdn-reverberator based on rev3~
    pp.twisted-delays~ ... multipurpose twisted delay-thing
    pp.shepphaser~ ... shepard tone-like phaser effect

    Spectral processing
    pp.fft-block~ ... audio block delay
    pp.fft-split~ ... spectral splitter
    pp.fft-gate~ ... spectral gate
    pp.fft-pitchshift~ ... pvoc based pitchshifter
    pp.fft-timbre~ ... spectral bin-reordering
    pp.fft-partconv~ ... partitioned low latency convolution

    pp.in~ .... mic. input
    pp.out~ ... stereo output & soundfile recorder
    pp.out-8~ ... 8 channel output & soundfile recorder
    pp.sdel~ ... samplewise delay
    pp.lfnoise~ ... low frequency noise generator
    pp.spectrum~ ... spectrum analyser

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  • solipp

    hi there, made an abstraction based on B.16.long-varispeed.pd. It should fit all your needs, variable speed and reverse playback, no artifacts with very long soundfiles as far as my humble ears can tell. and it comes with a nice little gui.. sfplayer-gui.png sfplayer.zip
    also on github: https://github.com/solipd/AudioLab
    you'll need pd-0.49 or higher to run it.

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