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    Dear forum,

    I want to create a custom Ubuntu Live Cd with Pd vanilla, a bunch of externals I created and a patch for the performer to run. He will be traveling with a basic Windows laptop and I compiled my externals for Linux (and OS X) only. He will provide his own audio interface. Will this work ? There are tools for creating custom live cds but I have no experience with them.
    Has anyone tried something like this ? The idea is for the performer to boot from a USB stick , start jack and run the patch.

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    I can reproduce it. Objects made with Faust crash PD when using multiple instances. Also, when adding two (different) objects to a patch, signal goes through only one.

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    Well, I guess I found the answer by doing the homework and looking at fldefs_methadd.h

    //! Add a a handler for a method with implicit arguments

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    I'm new to Flext, and haven't coded in C++ in a long time. Made a simple object that reads a symbol; I get the following error:

    error: reference to non-static member function must be called

    Also can someone clarify the difference between the two ways to register methods (ADDMETHOD and CADDMETHOD) ?
    Any help will be appreciated.

    #include <flext.h>
    #if !defined(FLEXT_VERSION) || (FLEXT_VERSION < 400)
    #error You need at least flext version 0.4.0
    class hello:
        public flext_base
        void m_read(t_symbol *argument);
    hello::hello() {
    void hello::m_read(t_symbol *argument) {
        post("reading argument: %s)",GetString(argument));      

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