I've been working for a few months on a patch that got more complicated than I had planned, and I finally decided to split it into subprocesses to avoid audio clicks when UI elements refresh. In the past I've done it with 2 separate pd processed and osc calls between both, but I'd like to try with [pd~] instead (which I've read about bit never actually used for real).
So as a first step I'm just trying to load my whole complicated patch inside a [pd~] subprocess (with DSP on in both of course) using a simple

[pd~ start mybigpatch.pd(
[pd~ -ninsig 8 -noutsig 2]

It works with a simple patch in the same folder, however with the big one, the subprocess starts, loads the libraries, and immediately closes, showing only pd~: No such file or directory in the parent process' Pd console window.
I get no more details when adding -d 4, -stderr, -verbose or even -noloadbang (in case it's the patch initiation that failed).
My "big patch" will call many abstractions, initiate arrays, soundfilers and load text files into [text] objects so there are quite a few possibilities for not finding files - however the exact same patch starts perfectly from the same folder. Using the whole path to the patch in [pd~ ( also doesn't help.

Are there any known limitations to what [pd~] can or cannot do compared to the main parent pd process?