couldn't think how else to word it

I'm told that [knob] is in iemlib so i've installed it through synaptic package manager and everything in there (apart from [knob]) seems to be working fine. The problem is... that knob.pd isn't actually in the folder. Neither is it's help files or anything. I was then told that [mknob] in moonlib is a good alternative... so i installed that and this time the mknob-help.pd file is there and there is an mknob.pd_linux but there is no mknob.pd so not working either

All other externals in both libraries are working fine so it seems like they are installed correctly. but then im using synaptic so why wouldn't they be. The preoblem seems to be that the actual files are missing from the downloaded folders.

any ideas on how to fix? Perhaps if i could just get a copy of mknob.pd or knob.pd and stick it in my extras folder