I'd like to share this patch for a 4-voice, 3-operator synth which is based on the phase modulation type of FM. It features 9 types of waveforms (similar to those found on old fm synths), 4-stage envelopes (level/time, even though the labels say "rate") and has a modulation matrix including feedback.

A while ago I came across this patch for doing accurate FM feedback, which sounds a lot better then doing it with [s~] and [r~] https://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/6185/feedback-fm-algorithm/7

However, when using it in conjunction with a second (or third) modulator, it sounds rather bad unless the modulator is also working at block~ 1, and I wanted to find a way to do it which allowed to change algorithm without re-patching the whole thing. I'm not sure if the way I've done it here is overkill or just nonsense, but it sounds ok to me and allows for the three oscillators to modulate each other (kind of how the FM8 matrix works, I think).

It works in pd vanilla 0.47-1. A lot of the stuff that’s in it was taken from this forum so thanks everyone for your inputs.

PM-3 v1.0.zip

Any feedback is more than welcome! (no pun intended)