• Matt Stalcup

    Thanks for the quick response. I will try these and let you know about it sometime this week.

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  • Matt Stalcup

    Hey All,

    Purr-Data seems to be causing my computer to crash.

    I was running Antergos' bleeding edge kernel when the issue began. In an attempt to fix the problem, I overhauled my system and installed realtime LTS Manjaro. Still Crashing.

    I thought the issue was maybe that my Bios had virtual machines disabled. I enabled them, and at first I thought the problem was fixed but then I got another crash.

    My computer has a 4.0 ghz processor and 32 GBs of RAM. Htop shows me that I'm not really putting too much pressure on the system even.

    When the crash happens, everything freezes on my Desktop, but audio is still processed by both Ardour and Purr-Data. I'm using (tragically) an Nvidia card with proprietary drivers. Could this be the issue?

    I can't seem to crack this nut, friends. I spent all day yesterday and much of today on it. If you have any ideas about what might be going on, please send a lifeboat my way!

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  • Matt Stalcup

    I would love to use this abstraction, but I really don't understand where to put my data set.

    Could you explain how to use this?

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  • Matt Stalcup

    I haven't touched PD in months and I started a project the day you posted this, used mscale not realizing that you had posted it just hours before.


    Thanks for the helpful object!

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  • Matt Stalcup

    I made this abstraction to simplify the process of connecting to an Ardour-run plugin through OSC.

    You just pick the strip number, plugin number, and parameter number. Data sent to the abstraction's input will be passed to the parameter you choose. You need to make sure that you enable OSC in Ardour by going to Edit > Control Surfaces > Open Sound Control (OSC). You should also make sure Ardour is using the same port as the patch (obvy).

    I hope this saves somebody some time digging through Ardour documentation!


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  • Matt Stalcup

    I just released a bunch of videos on youtube. I used Pure Data to make almost all of them. Thanks everybody for all your work/help!


    BTW the only abstractions I've used from the forums in these songs are the Serf/Array saving system by solipp and the connector abstraction by Liam G (what a great tool!)

    Nerdy things also used in creating some of these include a Buchla 200e and a Synthesizer named "Blueb" that I built alongside
    Noa Ver (https://mulvamyasis.bandcamp.com/releases)
    and Steve Inness (https://localwiki.org/davis/Steve_Inness)
    (more of this synth to come!)

    Hope you guys enjoy.

    P.S. If it wasn't obvious, the video for the song "St. Simon" is made in GEM. :) (the rest of the videos are done in GIMP and OpenShot.)

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  • Matt Stalcup

    update: it seems like the loadbangs aren't being sent to the object when they are created. The main window reads "(number of abstraction)-loadbang: no such object.

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