• Coalman

    every bit helps! cheers @Jona

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    If nobody else is having this problem, I must have something very weird going on on my machine. hmm.

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    Anyone else having this problem?
    I recently installed 64-bit Pd to try it out and some cyclone objects where no longer creating so I updated it with deken

    (version is: cyclone v0.3rc1.dek
    Upoaded by lucarda @ 2018-09-28 00:09:15)

    I cannot get any of these objects to create on 64-bit pd

    so then I tried the same thing in my 32-bit version of pd that I have installed separately this time the cyclone version was:
    Uploaded by porres @2018-06-28 04:10:47

    with the same sad but curious result.

    Perhaps @Porres has an idea of what is going on?
    (by the way great work getting all those Max 7 objects cloned over!)

    Any suggestions appreciated
    I would really like to be able to get my patches to work and also would be great to test these new objects..

    currently what I have done is merge the Pd-extended cyclone
    (version v0.0.extended-(Windowsi386-32)-externals.zip
    uploaded by chr15m @ 2015-07-30 15:42:43
    with the new one from Porres in order to run my older patches. Of course none of the new objects work in this situation, but this works ok
    on my 32-bit Pd (which is version 0.48.1).

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    hey all, no amazing solution for getting the libraries recognised in vanilla but Pd-Extended works fine running from the portable drive with no issues at all.

    The weird thing is that its libraries of course are installed in the extra folder with extended. So it is sitting one folder over from vanilla with exactly the same configuration and yet the vanilla installation doesn't work.
    but this will work for me so at least it is some kind of solution.

    thanks for all the pointers!

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  • Coalman

    Hi @whale,
    thanks for all your help with this.
    yes, I did try yesterday with the list you posted.
    I am pretty familiar with this procedure as I have Pd running on several machines already (windows, amc and linux), so not getting this to work has been quite frustrating.

    As far as looking to the prefs file of another version of pd, this is a uni computer and there is a version of Pd on there but its an older one, and I can see this "aboutPd" file. Mine should not conflict with it as it is installed and running from a different directory, on a portable drive.

    I see the Plist file so I will have a look at editing that next. It is vanilla so I have to see where org.puredata.pd is.

    That other thread is possibly the issue as well, however there is no solution proposed there. I might have an older mac version of pd vanilla downloaded and I could try to replace libdir.pd_darwin with that if this other strategy fails.

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  • Coalman

    @whale "did you try the libraries in "extra" and -lib flags at the bottom of the Prefs..... startup window."

    yes, I think that is what we were talking about above. will keep trying.
    I have all of these working elsewhere, so it is strange. will see what happens with dumping them into the folder with the executable later this evening if all else fails!

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  • Coalman

    @ingox, Thanks! yes, that is easiest. problem is that I cannot get online with this machine. I have the externals on the drive already.

    @whale mac makes it hard to manually set paths because the extra folder is inside Pd. This is visible using the "right-click -view package contents" trick but in Pds New paths dialogue a browser appears that will not allow you to navigate below the level of the application (no "view package contents") Thx for the suggestions though.

    I added the paths manually for a folder with the libraries in them outside of the Pd application (that works fine on Windows) but its not working now


    any more suggestions totally appreciated :)

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  • Coalman

    Hi @whale, I will try to add the startup flags manually and report back.
    I have the folder in paths already, but I will add the startup flag and see.

    Also I may well give Purr Data a try. Just not sure how well it would open this, but I will try both solutions and repost the results. someone else will surely have this issue later.

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  • Coalman

    you can set the framerate manually with [gemhead] and then match it in obs. this stuff is noisy and crackly but that was on purpose (it doesnt have to look and sound like this, its a choice, ha ha)

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  • Coalman

    ahg, this is super frustrating.
    so I have to try to run pd off of a portable harddrive for a performance
    and I have to get my patch to work which depends on tons of libraries
    running pd (32bit) is working fine it seems
    however try as I might I cannot get Pd to recognise the libraries I have on the same harddrive, in a adjacent folder.
    I have also duplicated the libraries to the /extra folder but the same results there.

    [declare -lib] with library name does not work
    neither does the library name with the object like [markex/counter]
    startup menu simply returns, for example
    "zexy: can't load library"
    setting paths manuals like this: /volumes/dynasty/.../maxlib-1.5.5 results in nothing

    this is for both 32 and 64 bit
    in the help browser menu all the libraries show up but if I open those patches none of the objects create.

    I have also studied this thread: https://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/10792/solved-problem-loading-libraries-in-pd-0-47-1-macos-sierra/19
    but nothing yet

    any suggestions?

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