• cfry

    @oid how can I change the save directory of [command]? I would like to have all log recordings in a folder (log-recs).
    I tried with the new [file cwd] object but that doesn't seem to work.

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  • cfry

    @oid Thank you, I used the third version (which outputs only the last request). Seems to work fine.

    A thought/question: First I tried to have all messages to all motors of the robot to be sent through a single pd [command] object. This did not work that well since messages was blocked/cancelled because [command] was not keeping up. When I used a separate instance of [command] for each channel I was sending on it worked better. This leads me to think that you could send through command at a higher speed if you had several [command] objects that you cycle through. I have no need for this here but I just want to understand how [command] works.

    Another thought- when you do these nice examples/abstractions maybe you could add some comments in the patch too? I can figure out what is happening but I think it would be very beneficial for other ppl browsing and maybe make it more likely that others can take part of what we come up with. If it is not too much extra work for you, hit command+5 and throw in a few words?

    Cheers! Good job with the procrastination! ;)

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  • cfry

    @oid no we didn't since it was assumed that I would put the project on a raspberrypi and this error seemed to be mac osx specific. It turned out that I used a macmini in the end because my (other) code was bloated and I did not have the time to clean it up and be efficient enough for my raspberrypi. Eventually it will be transferred to a rpi.

    But I am curious about that [loadbang] to [dirty 1( to canvas. Never heard of it, how does it work?

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  • cfry

    @oid a version of logger-sane.pd above of this ended up in an installation, and it seems to have worked pretty good, I still have not have had time to look at the last data recorded but it seems to be solid. The only bugger is that if you try to quit Pd with logger/[console] still running Pd will freeze. So if you accidentally hit cmd+q you will loose all edits since last save. But that is only a problem when working with it, not when it is installed and running. So thanks a lot for all the input, it has been a great help. When I get the chance I will start to experiment with using the data to dynamically change the synthesis configuration of the system.


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  • cfry

    It works fine now, thank you for the support!

    Quick proof of concept, triggering individual channels with sound:

    I get constant error messages in Pd console from command saying "old process is still running". Probably [console] should be handled a bit different, but it works anyway so all good. Probably [netsend] streaming control data over a socket-channel would be the best solution if it needs to be rock solid.

    Cheers & thanks

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  • cfry

    @whale-av thank you so much. I have contact with the devs but I try to wait asking for favours until I have a decent understanding... as I do not want to strain you guys too much either... its a balancing act.

    Unfortunately mrpeach is not available through deken, says "no matching packages for your architecture". Im on a Mac M2 with 12.5.1 Monterey that comes with the robot.

    Status at the moment:

    I can trigger from the browser and from terminal/zsh with curl.

    I have not managed to get [netsend] to work. Tried some combinations with list and symbol. If using tcp I lock out terminal and browser triggering on that port/socket(?) (8000) . Using [netsend -u] (UPD) allows me to continue using terminal/zsh or the browser for triggering. My conclusion is that it would work if could format the message in the right way. But I do not know how the message looks when/if it arrives at the Ikaros WebUI. Can I monitor this in some way?

    Now I will try using [command] to see if that works.

    This works!! thanks @oid for getting me into [command]!


    Now the next step will be to try to control parameters.

    My goal is to be able to change the slider parameters of the robot/web ui from Pd by some sound process on the same computer locally. So no plans for connecting over internet at the moment.

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  • cfry

    @rg.kies thanks, Ill explore this tomorrow when I get my hands on the robot again. However I suspect this seems more complicated than it is since I am not sure of the procedure. Below is the github with instructions. Probably better to read that to understand what I am trying to do. I think what I want to achieve in the end is a socket connection from Pd to the robot (web) control interface.
    Look here plz: https://github.com/birgerjohansson/Epi/wiki/Additional-instructions

    Since I probably have to do this on another computer, the less libraries I have to install the better. Its a hassle with secure Internet connections and so forth.

    Thank you so much.

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  • cfry

    @FFW thanks. That works sort of but since the browser pops up and create a new tab each time it is not functional in this case. But good to know.

    Is there a way to send HTTP request from Pd in some manner without going throw the browser, even if [netrecieve] is not suitable? I would have guessed that it was just a formatting problem.

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  • cfry

    @cfry said:

    Thanks for replying.

    if I want to send this command through [netsend]


    How should it look in Pd/[netsend]?

    I can open the connection with [connect localhost 8000(

    but sending

    [list command/SR.trig/1/0/0(
    [list command SR.trig 1 0 0(

    does not work. I am formatting the ip adress wrong I think.

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  • cfry


    I am trying to control a robot using HTTP requests. I would like to use [netsend] to send messages from Pd.

    Trigger a recorded motion using HTTP requests
    This can be done by making an HTTP request to the ikaros web server.
    X is the sequence. 0 Is the first sequence.
    The local IP number can be replaced by an assigned network IP.

    If I write in the web browser address bar it works fine but I have not managed to get [netsend] working. I do notice that by sending [connect 8000( it seems connected but I think I am sending messages that are not formatted correctly. How should they look in pd?


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