• yvan

    it work but have cheated
    have use [maxurl] object with get http://
    don't find this for Pd maybe httpget?
    Sorry to waste tour time

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  • yvan

    try this without success


    sorry again for my poor knowledge

    have you an idea?

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  • yvan

    hello i'm back,

    know would like to reach url with my daw for control my esp chip whithout rewrite code,

    like that i keep the possibility to use it without Daw.

    the esp is already reachable by ip (ex:192.168.1.xx/gpio/1 = relay on)

    Can Pd recieve midi and open specified url?

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  • yvan

    you ve right, it's work over internet.
    i'm really close to achieve thanks to pd
    know i receive osc and want convert it in to midi data
    i try this patch

    pd osctomidi.png

    It work like that thx a lot

    Continue too dig to make a midi server with rhizome and Pd than you can control from a webpage

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  • yvan

    @alexandros the esp8266 can be programmed on it own with arduino ide. And it cost only 4$. You will find lot of tutorial.

    Those i follow was in french maybe don't realy usfull for you.

    @whale-av have allready try this with out sucess. Do you achieve to do it?

    can't see host in touch osc with my router ip in setting, It work when i'm on my wlan with my computer ip.


    what do you mind "...and select Ableton as the program..."?

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  • yvan

    Thank you very much for your answers and your interest

    my os is w10

    esp 8266 is a wifi microcontroller with 16 gpio. I think use it to play on rhythm ws2812b LEDs, dmx devices, relays, motors.
    It will be controlled in wifi since my daw.

    Now I would like to connect my daw through a web page or application (mit or blynk) to launch programmed sequence and maybe even edit them live.
    Touchdaw or touchosc does not allow me to use my cellular network 4g only wifi or bluetooth
    I think it would be easier with me using hello and rtp noon but I only have an android smartphone.
    Can pure data transmit information received on the server to daw?
    How i can do this?

    best regards


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  • yvan

    hi, new french froggy here

    Would like to control local daw from web for launch and maybe write midi clip for sequencing sound, light, video, motor from anywhere.

    What i ve done:

    Control sound, light, video and esp8266 with daw (ableton)
    launch clip with touchosc and touch osc bridge but only on my wlan (udp)
    control esp from anywhere
    control ableton with serial arduino(hairless)
    One solution would be to connect a serial esp8266 to the computer executing ableton.
    But I'm pretty sure it's possible to receive MIDI directly from the web to ableton.
    I am a noob in programming and network, try different old program of 2012 using node.js and MIDI without success.
    I only managed to do a little rhizome server work.
    Who seems to be able to do what I want.
    And i m here with the server running but don't know how send osc Pd or directly MIDI from my distant client

    If you have any ideas on how to use rhizome with osc, pd or directly MIDI for launch clip?

    Thank you

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