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    @alexandros it's standard firmata (I use Pduino)

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    Hi David,

    Thanks for your answer and clear explanation
    I measure 2.8V to to 0V.

    I got a little step closer but my futile brain is not fully understanding what is going on. So I hooked up a timer (in Pd) to measure the interval time of the on/off state of the sensor. If the sensor is not detecting movement It opens for 5 seconds and if it is detecting movement it goes beyond this. If I make continuous movement the pir stays open. If there is no movement it keeps switching on/off at a regular interval.

    The pir is in L mode (normal state). Of what I read is that it should go LOW when it is not triggered.

    Does it somehow detect still movement (ambient light, my screen, shadows)? Or am I missing something else?

    Thanks so much!

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    This is more of a hardware problem so this might not be the right forum but here goes: I hooked up a PIR sensor to a Pduino patch (Pure data for Arduino) and my sensor is only emitting 3V at regular intervals of 4310 ms. It doesn't seem to react to movement whatsoever. When I change the delay time it seems to do the same but at longer intervals.
    Pduino is reacting well to Arduino so no problems there, it’s just the sensor itself tata is not working…

    Does someone have any ideas??

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