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    Getting Shelly 1 device to work with PureData and MobMuPlat

    Here's the Pd along with a picture attached of how to get the Shelly 1 to be turned on using Pd Vanilla. Here's a link to the product https://shelly.cloud/shelly1-open-source/ . You could also use mrpeach which would make it easier but I could only use Pd Vanilla.

    All credit goes to the people on the Pd List IOhannes m zmölnig, Jack, Mrpeach, the Shelly 1 facebook forum and a host of others

    The Pd for turning on and off a couple of Shelly 1's which are connected to a musical Tesla coil, a pump, and a ultrasonic mister.

    I'll be using MobMuPlat to control all of this from my tablet this will allow my laptop to do all the CPU sound generating intensive stuff. Someone made a good tutorial that explains this links below.

    I'll place the completed project on (at the moment the first test version is up but I'll be putting a different design up next )

    Here's the pd file


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