• ShawnPD

    i have just been playing around with it and seeing what i can do still adding more if i can a bit more crazier
    but i gave been getting ticks when i set the smooth up to high
    i just use the adc~ input with my ipod ect and the loops i want to mangle on it and skipping back and forth between tracks
    i wounder if i smoothly record to the table will get a weird time stretch?
    so is there a better envelop i can use?

    it kind of reminds me of the glitching in the game mass effect


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  • ShawnPD

    i would like to know if you guys can make all the pd gui objects in gem like the bang, toggle, the number box, the V and Hslider and the radio ect
    and a array if possible ?

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  • ShawnPD

    I would would love to transform a vocal wave track in to words that were not sung i know i would have to shape each word in some way with granulation and a vocoder and i would have to have some vowel sounds and consonant blends to make the word i want to make (limitations on that) i would have to spend some long hours in a wave editor to get a a few words but i am still able to do small rewording on my own

    and the other is i would like to format a vocal track and morphing it with my own bad voice lol and sing with there vocals i know its not going to sound natural but i would still like to try and see how close i can get it i am not worried about it sounding natural any i am a idm artist break it anyway : ) so it would be cool if i can do that with pd?
    i am not talking about the auto tunes effect its bloody annoying! but it sounds cool on drums and some times bass
    i mean how would i be able to start to build such a thing?

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  • ShawnPD

    this has been asked before about the adc~ object not working in linux or my sound in dose not work
    or i am missing packages?
    my output works just fine

    my pc: hp pavilion dv6000

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  • ShawnPD

    this patch is what i use to make a kind of invert phase effect with the original track on it (using a daw).
    this patch was made for break-core purposes using random to control random and a cross fade cross fading its self (what ever!) have random fun
    i put a small limit on the delay change if you want more broken bits
    sorry its so hard to look at on the inside xp


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  • ShawnPD

    i am looking at the examples but i just cant understand how i would make a 512 band pitch shift filter?
    i am looking at the re synthesis example ?

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  • ShawnPD

    i had a bad smart virus today (i was about to cry) all my hard work in pd, i did not have a backup hard drive or a windows recovery disk because it was so damaged so i was tying to find and delete the virus on my on my linux , i could not find the two that was killing me, and so the virus changed my boot files so i could not login to linux ( more tears ) so i ran a scan from my brothers pc and noting still. I was a bit scared to try this hiren's boot cd (i was thanking the boot was fake software ) but it works for all most any problem you can run in to and it dose lots of task ect!

    its really easy to install
    1 usb drive $20.00 or way less
    (the hiren's option will be near the end of the list)
    a Hiren's Boot CD zip

    it was all installed
    so i just poped it in before i turn on my pc and every tool i can think of was there to recover and restore my pc was there : )

    installing linux and any other os is also a good idea for any pc in this type of case
    linux is great but unity sucks
    classic is the way to go

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  • ShawnPD

    i will let the software talk for its self

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  • ShawnPD


    this site is great is has been working for me 8 )
    not allot of classes but they are still being uploaded

    I still wish they had c++ classes
    if someone or a teacher can find the time ask them and load it up for them

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  • ShawnPD

    i am making a very big project with lots of objects and ect
    am i limited to how may objects and gui things that i use?

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