• rojele

    Hi, thanks a lot for your help. It was very useful for me to understand the whole thing.
    First of all, finding the "Broadcast address" is needed in order to reach all ips under the same router.
    Finding the broadcast address can be done doing some maths acording to your own ip and the given subnet mask. These maths remain obscure for me but are explained here: [https://www.wikihow.com/Calculate-Network-and-Broadcast-Address
    ](link url)
    Finally I used a calculator, this one: [https://jodies.de/ipcalc](link url)

    Then, instead of the needed ip in the **connect **message, I put the given broadcast address followed by the port number and here you are! Worked perfectly!
    Thanks a lot for your help @alexandros and @whale-av

    note: I'm using oscx library, in my case

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  • rojele

    hi, everyone,
    I've been using oscx a lot during the last years but now I face a problem I have not struggled with before. I need to send the same order via osc message to multiple microcontrollers at the same time and it looks like I cannot connect with more than one ip at the same time.
    One possibility would be to disconnect from one ip after sending the message and connect again to another ip in a loop iterating over all the ip adresses I need to reach, but I would prefer to do it in a cleaner way for the sake of synchronizity.
    Do you think it is possible with puredata?

    Thanks a lot!

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  • rojele

    Hi, I'm pretty new in puredata. In fact, I've recently installed it.
    Since I've done it, I cannot obtain any MIDI sound interpretation with makenote and noteout.
    Since I start puredata I get an A/I ERROR, and the following message: could not open midi input 1 (Driver IAC MIDI_inC): PortMidi: `Bad pointer' , is displayed in the console.
    I'm working on a mac and I have macports installed. Does anybody have experienced something like this and has any information about?

    Any comment would be welcome, thanks

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  • rojele

    Hi, I think that you can check with the webcam (via processing for example) if the hand of the user is in the position of the desired color, and if it is the case, trigger a sound with puredata. So you need can connect both softwares via OSC. Send osc from processing when a finger is in the place and receive it in puredata and play the sound.

    Good luck, rojele

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