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    I read the "Gilberto's post" and got this:

    computer computer # sudo add-apt-repository ppa:eighthave/pd-extended
    'This PPA does not support xenial'
    Cannot add PPA: ''This PPA does not support xenial''.

    Also I tried adding your demux object to my zexy folder, but it still won't work.

    Whats going on?

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  • pharaoh-sean


    I found that I have one "pd-extras" on my desktop and another "pd-extras" on my "home" folder.

    I switched paths and re-started pd but "demux" still didn't work.

    I seem to be missing at least "zexy/0x2e", but don't know where to find it.

    I found a zip file for "deken" but i havent got a clue what to type in.

    I have tried to install extras in the "help>find externals" window - zexy 1 2 3 4 5 6. Still didn't work.

    Can you please tell me what exactly I should type in to the linux terminal to get the latest "pd/extendeded edition" for linux mint:


    Can any one explain whats going on here? I have a working "demux" in the help file but it won't work on the "stage"? How can it work in the help file but not on the "stage"?

    Also i have found that although "demux" in the help file has inlets and outlets, it still doesn't trigger any of the print objects? Why not?

    Can any one explain?

    Many thanks for your on-going support. : )

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    So is "find externals" the same as deken? Or is deken the operating system's browser?

    Also I visited https://puredata.info/downloads and the other link for downloads of the latest vanilla-pd. However there were no downloads for Linux mint or Ubuntu.

    How do I install the latest version of vanilla PD (or pd-extra) if i use Linux Mint?

    The point is I can see in "desktop>pd-extras>zexy>demux-help.pd"?

    Why wouldn't it work if it was right there?

    Also the help file for "demux" shows it as a dash surrounded object even in the help file.

    It is however different because in the help file it has inlets and outlets while my "demux" (in the pure data patch window) does not have any inlets or out lets, (just closed dashes).

    Thank you for your on going help. : )

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  • pharaoh-sean

    ingox - typed "declare -lib zexy" in to pure data and it forms an object with no inlets or outlets.

    I clicked on it in"run time" and then put "demux 0 1 2 3" and that term still didn't show up as an object.

    whale-av - synaptic package manager shows I have "deken" but I can't find it any where in my menu list.

    How do I find it?

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  • pharaoh-sean

    In pure data I looked at:

    file>preferences> (where is "libraries")

    Also I looked at my "pd-extras" folder:


    It does contain the "demux" object.

    And it looked fine.

    So why would it sit in that folder and still not be an object in pd?

    Also I tried your object [declare -lib zexy],


    although that formed an object,

    the object {demux} still didn't work.

    Thank you for being so helpful.

    Any help much apprieced.

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  • pharaoh-sean

    I tried installing all of the "zexy" libraries, but none of them made the object "demux" work.

    Are there any other solutions?

    Any help much apprieciated.

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  • pharaoh-sean


    I am working through the [http://www.pd-tutorial.com/english/ch02s02.html](link url) and on " Demultiplex" it shows that there is a "demux" object, but I can't make it work, it just doesn't become a proper object with inlets and out lets, just the usual dashes to show its not recognised as an object.

    Why would it be in the tutorial and not work in the program itself.

    Also I thought I had installed "pd-extra" but now I can't find it in "synaptic package manager".

    Can any one help?

    priority 6 scheduling failed; running at normal priority
    GEM: Graphics Environment for Multimedia
    GEM: ver: 0.93.3 
    GEM: compiled: Nov 11 2015
    GEM: maintained by IOhannes m zmoelnig
    GEM: Authors :  Mark Danks (original version)
    GEM:        Chris Clepper
    GEM:        Cyrille Henry
    GEM:        IOhannes m zmoelnig
    GEM: with help by Guenter Geiger, Daniel Heckenberg, James Tittle, Hans-Christoph Steiner, et al.
    GEM: found a bug? miss a feature? please report it:
    GEM:    homepage http://gem.iem.at/
    GEM:    bug-tracker http://sourceforge.net/projects/pd-gem/
    GEM:    mailing-list http://lists.puredata.info/listinfo/gem-dev/
    GEM: compiled for SIMD architecture: SSE2 MMX 
    GEM: using SSE2 optimization
    /home/computer/Desktop/pd-extras: can't load library
    loaded iem::punish::triggerize-plugin
    'deken-plugin.tcl' already loaded, ignoring: '/home/computer/pd-externals/deken-plugin/deken-plugin.tcl'
    'triggerize-plugin.tcl' already loaded, ignoring: '/home/computer/pd-externals/triggerize-plugin/triggerize-plugin.tcl'
    'deken-plugin.tcl' already loaded, ignoring: '/usr/lib/pd/extra/deken-plugin/deken-plugin.tcl'
    triggerize - insert [trigger] ad lib.
    ... couldn't create
     demux 0 1 2 3
    ... couldn't create

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  • pharaoh-sean

    Thanks, that worked perfectly. :)

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  • pharaoh-sean




    Point Rounding

    The manual states that you can use a "0.5" float value straight in to a "number box".

    The thing is "number boxes" only do intergers, not floats.

    Has the manual been hacked or is there some hidden way of getiing a "float" straight into a "number box"?

    Any help much appreciated.

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