• mobil12

    have you heard of troubles with windowing management in pd on osX.

    i have some troubles with that : the mouse pointer is not at the same place in the patch & in the screen...

    if thinl it's rather a tcl tk problem. i use 8,4,6 .


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  • mobil12

    i'm currently looking for information about the sublist object, related to structures.

    i'm quite desesperate to find anything now.

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  • mobil12

    first i want to apologize to cross-post like that but i haven't found a way to change the name of the thread.

    so ive made some reports on structures , i hope it will be usefull....

    http://pure-data.iem.at/Members/mobil12/patchs-working/experiment-repo rt/view

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  • mobil12

    as said in the title i apologize cause it's in french . But if people found it revelant , someone will translate it huh?

    in pd format:

    [url=http://pure-data.iem.at/Members/mobil12/patchs-working/structure-help-01-FR.pd ]http://pure-data.iem.at/Members/mobil12/patchs-working/structure-help- 01-FR.pd

    in pdf format

    http://pure-data.iem.at/Members/mobil12/patchs-working/structure-help- 01-FR.pdf

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  • mobil12

    an accident doing some tests on fft.

    it's quite totally hazardous


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  • mobil12

    could you tell which os ,card, platforme , distro you use ?

    i use pd ,37 test10 under win2000 sp4 (but it perform perfectly on xp sp1 too on my computer)
    i use zexylib,maxlib,iemlib.
    i use mmio mode for best latency (i know it's sound really strange but it perform Much better than asio on my gig.)
    my card is a rme hdsp9632 with a buffersize of 1,5 (1,415...) ms. (64 block)
    whatever value i set on audiobuf or block it stay at 1,5...
    i ve made a patch using pd as an effect (decoding live a LtRt movie mix to LCRS (surround))
    it was performing quite good in sync with the screen. (indeed one video image is 40ms lenth so with a 1,5ms latency that's ok)

    but i heard about the jack low latency driver . id like to know opinion from linux users....
    anyway , i should already been on linux but since ive bought that new card , i don't manage to have sound with it , before it was ok with my motherboard chipset AC97 (working huh ) and as far as i remember , it had never crashed under linux against 2 or three times the day with windows, and the cpu consumption was really lower than under zindaube. something like 25 to 40 % less (using windows performance and top on linux .) i understand that this difference come from the graphical management of tck .

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  • mobil12

    what about tabread4- and tabread4-?

    i ve troubles when i fill an array with long samples (more than 1 minute)

    when i play it i get a decent sound for 10second. after the sound sounds more & more like a bad clocked digital device (that specific bell sound ...) . it is not dependant of the time but of the table : if i put an offset , and start to play say at 10second in the file , the sound get bad immedatly (i mean it's not a vector or vector size problems, sfplay works perfectly...)

    i v'ent found anything revelant about that on the pdmailing list

    anyone have an idea ?

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  • mobil12

    sound stupid
    but found all necessary files for understanding of structures in the folder stuff/structures.
    i said that cause regular help for append , get , set , scalar.... are useless : in all that examples objects are already created and it's difficult to see the relationships. Waste weeks triyng to find theses relationships...
    after reading stuff you can easily define structures , soething really badly documented but really amzing (powerfuuuullllllll) and in fact ... really simple

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  • mobil12

    of course you can use many ins and outs in pd , depending on your hardware.

    but are you sure you wanna go to a usb card? you should prefer a firewire card or even a pci card. for stability, latency ...

    for puredata you can't have a defined 5.1 card. you can have 6outs but you have to manage everything about the audio routing.

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  • mobil12

    sometimes it doesn't work cause you haven't made any change in the patch,hence hte file isn't updated.
    what i do in such case : control A to select everything, i press the up arrow . everything move from 1 pixel . and i can save it .
    stupid tricks but it seems to work.... a least on my version . (pd 0.37.10 on winxp.)

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