• ludnny

    @ingox That sounds great, could you elaborate?
    I try to cut/paste wires without any success

    (I'm on Vanilla 0.51.4, Windows)

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  • ludnny

    Is there a fast way to replace a wire in PD Vanilla?
    For example when you connect a new object on an already used Inlet, it would automatically delete the already used wire.

    Ideally it would be something like Alt-Click when creating a wire on an already used Inlet.

    I'm aware of the intelligent patching videos, that shows a lot of hidden shortcuts:

    But there is nothing about wire replacement, while it's maybe the patching behavior I use the most.
    Did I miss something, or it's not available in Vanilla?

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  • ludnny

    Thank you all for the super creative ideas

    The patch by @solipp is working perfectly, many thanks!

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  • ludnny


    I'd like to build a mixer with stereo inputs, with mono compatibility, as an GOP abstraction.
    The ideal behavior would be: if only the Left input is plugged, then copy the signal to the right channel.

    Is there a way to detect if an input is plugged or not?

    I was thinking of using env~, but it doesn't sound like a good practice for that use case.


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