• jyg

    I'd like to share some abstractions that enable multitouch in pd patches (linux only, for now).
    I have updated the documentation about it. You can now check the readme.md file and the pdf docs (in french & in google-translated-english).
    I have a lenovo T440s laptop running linux. I would appreciate if someone else could try on a different hardware setup.
    Thanks in advance for your feedback !
    video demo

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  • jyg

    you shoud check the rampcode project : it uses an external text editor that sends in realtime its contents to puredata via udp. But the communication isnot bidirectional

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  • jyg

    I have some trouble with gop_switch_coords.pd .
    When I change coords and go back, I have trouble with the sliders hsl, vsl. other gui's are ok.
    The mouse interacts with the slider (if you connect it to a number, you can see the changing value), but the display is not refreshed.

    The workaround is to send a [map 0, map 1( message to the parent patch, but it'is difficult for me not to use [iemguts/sendcanvas] for doing that.

    Donecanvasdialog doesn't work well with pd 0.50, when zooming = 2

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  • jyg

    I have the same problem as here ( [https://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/3619/multiple-mice-and-keyboards-as-hid-not-for-x-input/4](link url) ),
    but for mac osx.
    I get the data from an old wacom pen- tablet (graphire 4 / cte440) using hidio.

    But is there a way to keep the mac operating system from using it as mouse input?

    When I plug the tablet, it works out the box as a mouse, but I cannot access any configuration settings. The wacom drivers are outdated and do not work on newer osx versions.
    I think I shoud do something with kextunload command, but I cannot figure which extension is driving the pen-tablet

    Many thanks in advance :-).
    [ I asked before on pdlist, codelab and puredata facebook forum, but no answers.
    Am I the only one using a tablet on osx with puredata :-( ? ]

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  • jyg

    I would like to share a concept / project of multilanguage comments. Based on datastructures, it enables to create per example help files with different translations.
    Any feedback is welcome !

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  • jyg

    I wrote an external (input_event) for Windows platform.
    You can find it here : http://s184785159.onlinehome.fr/drupal/?q=node/171

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