• Hymnosiac

    @EEight thank you! glad you like it!
    Sure, let's talk about it. Though I am still a rookie with PD.
    A lot comes from this tutorial: http://www.pd-tutorial.com and messing around with stuff.
    At this session I controlled the patch with the computer directly. Otherwise just standard midi controller ( akai LPD8, Keith McMillen 12 step when playing guitar).
    I don't use alfaloop. I use a basic looper with phasor > tabread4~ and a one shot sample player. I added stuff for transposing and a fwd./ reverse switch, multiply it many, many times. And I put volume ramps with line~ almost everywhere, to get it as clean as possible. SamplePlayer.pd
    I have a state/saving solution using a textile: Save-Load-Presets.pd
    My Fxs: mainly experimental vd~ stuff. Again, a lot of messing around.

    Hope, this answers your questions.

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  • Hymnosiac

    here are some excerpts from a live session with violin; sampled, processed, shredded within PD:

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