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    @ddw_music said:

    i don't really know, but she could try changing the windowing backend, by changing the gemdefaultwindow.pd abstraction in the Gem/-folder and replacing the [gemmacoswindow] (or whatever is there) to one of the other gem*window options installed on your system. (just look out for any externals (.pd_darwin,...) in the Gem/-folder that match the gem*window pattern).
    possibly good choices are: [gemglfw3window], [gemglutwindow].

    ah yes! this did it. [gemglutwindow] is working!
    Thanks so much.

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    I goofed. I fell for it again and upgraded my OS and destroyed GEM. But this time I can't see any solution to getting it running again.

    Anyone had luck hacking your way through getting GEM running on Big Sur?

    Just want to do cool things again.

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    Back on this stuff again, so here i am to throw another shrimp on the barbie.

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    It's almost been a year, so here's some new ones. Maybe one day i'll export them in consistent sizes.

    giftest.gif giffo.gif

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    A couple of puredata patches rendered as gifs - mostly just 3d objects clipping in cool ways and the interactions that happen when they occupy the same space at once.
    that thing.gif rotator.gif tumblr_o1umaoxN5F1t0axfeo2_250.gif tumblr_nxmboaOrhX1t0axfeo1_500.gif

    In the end I'm combining rendered videos with hand drawn stuff in visual sets like this.


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    I've been having a bit of fun recently with video synthesis and mapping it to 3D objects.
    Low-poly cones posing as pyramids.

    A bunch of cubes intersecting to create odd surfaces to interact with

    After making this I rotate the left cube so that it matched up with the right most cube.

    All of this is really simple, the basic patch is this. Audio can be sent individually to the first three inputs for varying colours or send the same audio to each input for black and white (the truest aesthetic).


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    I'm working on some visual patches at the moment that involve loading up an image with an alpha channel onto a square so that I can play around with it as an object.

    The problem is, when I change the image, the previous image is left there.

    I've tried pinging my gemhead, I've tried telling pix_image and pix_texture to stop rendering, but when they come back, all the layers of things I've loaded remain there. I've even destroyed my gem window and it's there.

    Here's an example image.
    Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 1.03.41 pm.png

    Is it just a matter of running different gemheads and objects for each image I want to use?

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    Yes. Beautiful. Just what I needed to dig myself back into a puredata hole.

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    So I made this patch that would help me do dj type stuff.

    ill talk patch here for a while so my file can upload.
    be warned, its noisy, unorganised, and at times complete shit. and sometimes that kick will kill you, be careful if you have subs i guess.

    and i tried to make it as reusable as possible, unlike everything else i've done which is really good for one track.
    so stealing, or "learning" as you might call it from discussions on the forum, i pieced together the best i could do. but ultimately limiting a lot of what i did to the fact i control it with a toy guitar with some 13 buttons(more to come, im going to hack a mouse or joystick to add some more buttons, cc's)

    i basically split everything(loop wise) into 4 channels, drums, kick, melodic, rhythm
    the kick gets its own channel, that way i can crunch it up and it stays constant while everyone else is slamming about with stutters and whatnot.

    so 4 channels, what effects do i need? well a good old fashioned delay and distortion, that will do nicely. the gain goes up to 1.5X too, because i have a habit of turning everything up and up and up, so if i start at .7X, i'm giving myself room for later.
    they pan too, but i dont really use that much.

    each channels audio gets a fancy stutter deal, and the drums get a high feedback short time delay too.

    after that, each has a button to randomly pick a new loop(doesnt seem to work all that well, some never come up, while others repeat themselves)

    theres a button for me to trigger kicks when they aren't sequenced. and one to turn off the kick sequence.

    thats about it really.
    i think its heavily taken from hardoff's patches(really through these patches i was introduced to the whole stuttery world of breaks, and from there discovered breaks and distortion = fun), with bernielomax99's 16 step sequencer thrown in there.

    so, there you go, enjoy my wonderful patch, make suggestions on what i should do to make it better, complain that everything i do sounds kind of the same.

    (oh one thing though, i think all the delays maybe feed into the one? im not sure it just seemed like that towards the end, but im not sure)

    also, this was my first real experimentation with that nifty draw on canvas feature.

    adios chaps

    edit: complimentary album art.


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