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    Hello everyone,
    It has been some time, but not I started programming externals for pd..
    Since I don't know much about c/c++ and "m_pd.h" I started with the tutorials..




    So I use the (old) Dev-C++. The helloworld-example just works great. But the counter-example throws an error,
    since the "ide" (I don't know exactly what it is, guess the "linker"?!) can't deal with the "$s_float" (or was it "&s_float") saying something like "missing __imp__s_float"

    Can someone explain to me what this means? Where it is missing and why?!
    ..I have had more messages like that before I added the path to "lib.pd" to the linker-commands... but actually I'm not shure what I'm doing...


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    what's about a new section in this forums?!
    I'd like to have a feature request section.. I know there is sourceforge and so on, but the communication there is not that vivid... Somethin like: "I want this" -"recognized" -"bye" -"bye"...

    I would like to talk a bit about the request before... hear some other (user)-opinions and so on.
    Esp. here you talk with other users, not the programmers in the 1st place. But I guess that's as well due to the fact that this forum is not that appealing to them.. And now the next point is that this might change a little with this new section.
    Just imagine we wouldn't have a "GEM"-section in here.. All those GEM-experts would meet elsewhere or rather never... ..and this should be true for other experts too.
    And usually it's this way: Experts help rookies.

    ..I know there are the mailing-lists, but c'mon... This forum is a little more up to date (..not necessarily its content..), I'd say... It has some nice features, and messages belonging together stick together... And a thread stays on top as long as it is used -even if it's years old..

    Now (still) the "tech. issue"-section is used the most.. which is quite normally used the most elsewhere, too, since "noobs" usually have lots of questions. But not with such a "distance"... It would be good in general to attract some advanced people.


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    I actually just dropped in to ask if anyone else experienced long loadtimes when opening a large patch?!?

    ..of course it should take longer the more objects have to be loaded,
    but I recently "reworked" or "refreshed" parts of a large patch. I didn't actually reduce the object-count or something. Maybe some [loadbang]s are gone (have been reduced to one), but not really worth mentioning.. Some subpatches are gone, too..
    And there's everything inside.. ..some datastructures/graphics, abstractions, subpatches, sliders and stuff for the gui, ..

    ..The result was that the patch loaded in half the previous loadtime.
    So can anyone else tell a story about this?!
    I wonder what influences loadingtime the most. Any clue anyone? I'd be very interested..

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    did anyone try to mess with the bit-logic (like [& ], [| ], etc.)
    There it's somewhere written that it works for 32bit...
    But that does not seem to be true, although pd only uses 32bit-floats...
    Well, does anyone know some more about it?!

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    I just looked at the [window_name]- and [sys_gui]-stuff...
    Does anyone know if it's possible to hide the menubar (and taskbar)??
    ...would be cool for gui-things..

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    Mostly every time I visit this forum there are people logged in! Even more than one person. But most of them never post something..
    I wonder what they are doing instead...

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    I just wonder if there are any differences between filter implementations..
    For example a biquad can be made of 4 "1sample delays" and one "adder" or just two delay but more "adders".. or one can use a pole-zero structure (+ gain)...
    So does anyone know something about this?!?

    It came to my mind since there is no signal-controlled biquad is there?? Only the pole-zero things are signal-controlled right?!

    ...and is there no sig-controlled delay??? (leaving out the [vd~] cause of the interpolation-stuff it does)

    In general I wonder why some very basic objects are not included in (at least) pd-vanilla.. (like a samplewise-delay etc.. On the other hand there is something like [lrshift~] which I never used due to its limitations, maybe I didn't find a proper job for it at yet..)
    (that must be some kind of conspiracy, there are rumors (or rumours; whatever you like most) that 23 important objects are missing ;) )

    Seriously, sometimes I really regret not being able to write externals! A simple delay doesn't sound that hard to create, does it?!

    Anyways, filter-design rocks! :)

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    I'm playing around with the theoretics of digital filters trying to implement a Chebyshev-filter. Yet I don't know how and why to use chebyshev-stuff (..eh stuv..). So by the way if someone knows a neat site with an overview of filters and the how and why, please share it with us.

    Anyways as a first step I went to wikipedia and tried to just copy the formulae for the (biquad-) coefficients... but the result doesn't look like a chebyshev-filter (at least it looks like a lp..)
    So could someone with the needed knowledge have a look at the digital implementation (="Digitale Realisierung") and tell me if that's correct?! Oh and it's in german :)... (little text)
    ...the alpha_i's and beta_i's are supposed to be the coefficients to be calculated in the end...



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    ..it's a pure "movie" of pure datas data:
    I woder if that all really is pds code, especially the vocal parts!!! (...and pictures)

    ...and I woder if there are more pictures visible if one would use a different rasta eh raster?!..

    Anyways, here:



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    does anyone know if there is a way to change the color of the patchcables?!? At best for each cable individually..


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