• enrico

    Oh man! it is so much time I don't use PureData, I found so many changes, but I didn't expect that Pd (vanilla) 0.49.1 would have already integrated in it the browser to find externals!

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  • enrico

    hi all, this is a little patch to transform a decimal number into binary and back to the original again.
    maybe this will be useful very few times ... but I spent yesterday how to figure out until a friend explained it so easy to me


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  • enrico

    Hello to everybody,
    I would discuss with you about some good philosophy for organize PD patches in order to have the most number of projects ready to work in a given time.

    I have an intensive work on PD for digital music creation and development. For me is usual spend a lot of time when I re-open an old working project and find it doesn't work now, because in the meanwhile I have optimized some self made abstraction or external.
    If you use the same abstractions/externals in more than a patch (I hope;-), often is necessary and useful make them better to improve your current projects, but the old project architectures now are probably out of order... THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM FOR ME.

    yesterday I found out a trick, perhaps many of you know it or have a better method.

    Is possible to refer to your patches from any part of your hard disk by writing a path on the actual object you create inside PD e.g.:

    C:/pd/synth/myabstraction [example of absolute path]
    ../synth/myabstraction [example of relative path]

    So if you want to use the object delay you have in your computer, then make a new object and write on it [C:/pd/dsp/delay] if this is the path.

    MY METHOD is this:

    I have a folder named "pd" and subfolders named synth, dsp, external etc... I refer from every new project I do.

    ---> this is my environment for development

    Every time I start a new project I save it inside this folder and I refer to the abstraction/externals I use by writing RELATIVE paths on the new objects.

    When the project is finishes (ok, works is enough :-) I simply save a pd folder CLONE in another part of my hard disk and I name it with the project name.

    In this way I continue to develop the "pd" folder, make new projects, BUT the old ones are well separated and... EVERY TIME WORKING for me.

    what do you think about?

    Have good pd projects !!!!


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  • enrico

    hello, I'm still working with windows OS... (I know...)

    does anyone know why the vst~ external I downloaded is invisible to my pd window even if perfectly working?

    many thanks

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  • enrico

    SSSAD it's a nice way for collecting presets.
    I think this is an important correction of sssad save module to post.
    I use patches with a sssad module for each abstraction (many).
    In the main project window I create a subpatch where to collect several sssad messages (messages created inside "pd datastore"), during a performance I can load many presets.

    Sometimes is useful to change only certain settings and leave others unchanged, thus I write sssad messages with only the commands I need.
    The "sssad.pd" I propose you, doesn't send messages when there's no relevant command to perform for his "parent".

    I was said I should post this in the pd-list, but I feel it dispersive

    ps: [sssad] was written by Frank Barknecht <fbar@footils.org> and was inspired from
    a discussion about Max's [pv] and [pvar] objects on pd-list brought up by "Item


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  • enrico

    Hi all, I had some technical questions about pdvst, instead of writing to Joseph Sarlo I thought it was better to open a new topic about it, it's the first:

    -Anyone knows how can I add new search paths for patches or other files inside pdvst?


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  • enrico

    it is some years I use the Hardoff's saturator and it sound great
    these days I'm working on a project using libpd and xcode and I can't use the expr operator because of the GNU license.
    So I was looking for some mathematical function to approximate tanh
    finally I used this: y=0.68*atan(1.95*x)
    I post the patch. This simple example with atan allows you to change the slope of the curve, by modifying (1.95*x) and create the desired boost for the mid-range level (you have to clip -1 +1 if you increase this value)

    It is not the same to tanh of course, I ask you some suggestion to improve it without using expr. I'd like to use the error function but I don't know how to implement in Pd.



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  • enrico

    maybe you can post your problem, me or others could help you

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  • enrico

    here I found s-abstractions which use sssad module


    links for download seems not work to me, (post a mail to Chris if you want)

    so I attach the s-abstractions.tar.gz file I downloaded in 2007 (don't know about updates)

    here I learned to use sssad and if I did, you can do the same and better


    1. if you want to save and load (<- much important) presets only for a selection of parameters you have

    2. if you want create multiple presets

    read my tutorial and try to use my version of s-abstraction, which is the same to the original except for one or two patches

    hope you will be a fan of s-abstraction or simply the wiser ;)


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  • enrico

    ok guys,
    as I said before I created a new version of example-preset patch where you can see the method I use to create and load several different presets using s-abstractions.

    the new version is a step by step tutorial patch where learn to use sssad save module and create different presets

    please give me some feedback,
    have fun



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