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    @RetroMaximus what external are you using?

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    I have a pd 0.49 (self compiled) and wiring pi working in a project with Raspbian Stretch in RPi2 3B+.. But to make wiring Pi work well you will need to run puredata in root mode..

    Works like a charm..!

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    Thanks @jancsika ! At this moment I'm parsing xml files in Python scripts. But I will try purrdata again to.. :+1:

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    Great @nicnut !!! Well I was working in another image.. Even smaller... With Pd 0.49 and Purr data pre installed.. I already did not tried to use midi in these... But we can start it and post another image with these hacks out of the box!

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    You can't use 32 bit version in your system? Maybe it works...

    I found in William Brent website the source code, you can try open a issue and try to compile yourself a 64bit version of [convolve~] with wbrent help.

    Good luck!

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    @nicnut I tested this Raspian with Pd and Purr Data installed image. I tested it in my RPi2 and it should work with SD Cards bigger than 8 Gb.

    I'm crossing my fingers for you!!! Now it is my last chance to help you! hehehehe

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    I don't know what happened... Try it... I make a fresh Raspbian with Pd and Purr data installed on it, I will share it when upload ends. Perhaps it can work.

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    @nicnut don't know what's happend in your system. Something in your image are very very weird....
    Maybe some kind of witchcraft!! :scream:

    Please confirm if all dependencies for pd compilation are installed correctly...
    And your system updated, in Terminal:

    sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

    Are you using Noobs install version??? It can affect results.

    If you are, I recommend to make a new image using RASPBIAN STRETCH WITH DESKTOP.

    To flash it in SD card I recommend use Etcher. See the official documentation.

    tar file are right.. the v argument only put tar in verbose mode...

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    Very weird.... Ok..! I can see...!! You are in /usr/lib/src/ folder!!! That can be the issue...!

    Create src folder in your user directory... By default on raspbian: /home/pi

    How about giving a chance to Pd 0.49 recently released... (??) ;) I edited the tutorial above with these version.. Lot of nice features are with it. I tested it now in my Pi2 with the last Raspian and it works like a charm!

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    Tutorial to compile Pure-data 0.49 on Raspberry Pi with Jack support:

    STEP1. Open Terminal:

    STEP2. Creating folder to organize compilation (optional):

    mkdir src

    STEP3. Enter in src folder / install dependencies / download pd source code / unpack downloaded file:

    cd src
    sudo apt install build-essential autoconf automake libtool gettext git libasound2-dev libjack-jackd2-dev libfftw3-3 libfftw3-dev tcl tk
    wget http://msp.ucsd.edu/Software/pd-0.49-0.src.tar.gz
    tar -xzf pd-0.49-0.src.tar.gz

    STEP4. Compiling Pd:

    cd pd-0.49-0
    ./configure --enable-jack --enable-fftw

    STEP5. Confirming if compilation are ok:

    cd bin

    STEP6. If it run, you can install Pd in your raspbian:

    cd ..
    sudo make install

    It don't install fancy icons with desktop integration, if you need that, you need to do it manually.

    hope it help!



    • remove clone pure-data git repository step to download Pd-0.49 from miller's site in STEP3.

    • unpack file downlaoded via command line in STEP3

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