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    @jancsika in pd-extended 0.42.5, 0 to 127
    Captura de Tela 2017-06-07 às 21.58.53.png

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    Thanks for your work!!! :+1:


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    Very nice view... Works beautiful! Crazy solution for the click and drag behavior... Like it a lot! :D

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    @ingox, first

    Thanks a lot!!

    Now, I have no errors in pd window! thanks for the Find -> Find Last Error TIP!

    Concern to mouse click selecting more than one key, I make a test and have some strange behavior...

    I draw the keyboard without bounds

    Captura de Tela 2017-05-25 às 13.02.18.png

    and in black key bounds I can select a white key simultaneously!! So weird... :/

    Here the patch => kslider_draw4.1.pd

    I will report it to pd-list, sounds like a bug for me.. I don't know...

    Wherever can be exist another solution for this problem. Once I need to enable mouse click and drag to press the keyboard keys dynamically, the color change behavior can be controled with mouse position tracking in GOP.

    For that I think:

    1. Use external [iemgui/iem_event] to track mouse in GOP

    2. Use [cyclone/mousestate] to track mouse click
      2.1 when click create a tiny scalar with data structure on mouse position
      2.2 map x y pos of tiny scalar
      2.3 mouse click off destroy tiny scalar.

    The think 2 are better, once I want to submit these object to cyclone library.

    I don't find documentation to delete scalar from data-window yet. Any documentation I lost..??

    Thanks again! :)

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    I'm working in clone kslider object from Max 7. I have some advance with the help of pd-list guys. For details see:
    [PD] Patch With Loadbang Loses Data Structure
    [PD] How To Map GOP Size Dynamically

    Now I have this patch: kslider_draw4.pd
    wich have some problems like:

    • undesirable click more than one key
    • error message on pd window when running in multiple instances.

    Any advance are welcomed! :+1:

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    I like that!!!! :+1:

    Thanks for sharing!

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    I tried OSx 64 bit version and shortcuts to put objects, put message ... don't work.

    get out edit mode either. but if I exit edit mode with mouse, I can use command+1, command+2 again, but once.

    seems when I press command key, purr data move out edit mode without "E" key...

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    @jancsika hum... :/

    Yes it's rc2.

    Some way to generate a log file to send to you?

    I have a lot of lybraries installed. Pd-extended 0.42.5, and vanilla 0.47.1, can be a problem?

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    @jancsika, follow the steps:

    1. Cmmd+N (new patch)
    2. Cmmd+1
      2.1) inlet
    3. Cmmd+2
      3.1) read
    4. cmmd+1
      4.1) seq
    5. cmmd+1
      don't create nothing
    6. quit without save
    7. error in pd window

    Here the youtube


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