• djelijah

    @porres nice to know!! I have never used PlugData ... I intend to upload this patch to the Bela Board and play it as a live instrument... but good to know there are other options...tnx

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  • djelijah

    @Ice-Ice thank you :) Basically, I play with arrays, lists and their variables and the combination of different counters..the strategy and logic behind it are rather simple I'd say...

    1. I am grabbing the data from arrays with an array get object; a counter is choosing between three arrays which are dynamically changed on the third input of the array get object
    2. I then store that data as a list and I use another counter to go through the list and send the numbers to the array set object
      I guess instead of different counters one can use phasor~in combination with some cos~ or wrap~object and clip~
      I think I will try that next and see if it brings some pros

    hope this helps

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  • djelijah

    hi ppl,

    insta_synth - SD 480p.mov

    here is my first synth patch inspired by Ableton's wavetable synth...I am still building it but I though to share it and receive some feedback :)

    stay good


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