• aelmore

    @whale-av Thank you for your help! You've unblocked me.

    I will begin using the note value solution for now to get my patch functional. I'll post my solution to the volume level trigger when I get around to that bit.

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    Hello all,

    I'm trying to write a patch that begins an effect every time the adc~ input registers a new note. The only way I can figure out to do that is by seeing if there is an increase in sound volume of the input (this would work for all acoustic instruments that would be fed into [adc~]. Essentially, I would be very happy with [change] if [change] would only trigger when there was an increase.

    I'm trying to use a table to read the previous value then after the comparison write to the table, so it can be read again, but I can't get that to work.

    Any suggestions?

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  • aelmore

    Hi all, I would like to add extra inputs (other than the audio input) like a float input.

    If there are any tutorials you can show me, I would be happy to read them, if not could you help me below? I'm doing this on a windows machine, if that makes a difference.

    What I THINK you have to do, is add something to the struct

     float x_distortion;

    ...add another method in the setup method

    class_addmethod(pedal_class, (t_method)pedal_ft1, gensym("ft1"), A_FLOAT, 0);

    ...create a new method that corresponds with pedal_ft1

    static void pedal_ft1(t_pedal *x, t_float f) { x->x_distortion = f; }

    ...and then initialize it in the _new method

    When I make those changes, it compiles but no other input appears! I am only getting this info off of looking at osc~.c

    Please help, this is for a final project for a class I'm in.

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  • aelmore

    Hi, AlbertoZ. Thanks for the tip, but I have to close down pd before it even lets me compile the dll.

    So there isn't anything crucial that I'm missing? This is driving me crazy.

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