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    Thanks a lot! I mixed and modified the work of many people for the interface, and I regulary make change to many help patches and it works better and better with students (I use a top down logic). I hope one day pd will be easier to learn and I won't need this anymore ;)

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    @emviveros said:

    a new intro
    1.1 Pd creation history
    1.2 Pd forks and Vanilla externals
    Update Tutorials keeping externals
    something more?

    Maybe useful plugins like drag&drop, completion, patcherize...
    Some of them are so useful that they should be inside vanilla pure-data.

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    @jyg said:

    Yes. Indeed, I started unilateraly to edit french version of floss manual :smiley:

    Great! I might help when I'll have time!

    @porres said:

    They do not, by far, replace "all pd-extended", nope, sorry, not a fact. Where's ceammc's GEM replacement for instance?

    True. That's another topic, but I am using ofelia abstractions to replace Gem in puredata vanilla and ceammc lib. I think efforts for video processing on pd should be focused on it in the future since Gem is always broken on OSX and openframeworks is stil an active project.

    @porres said:

    And what are you suggesting with "Purr Data + ceammc lib"? A Floss manuals for both?

    I was just dreaming that one day the modern GUI of Purr Data could meet the good organization of ceammc-lib,

    @porres said:

    Folks, when I started this thread, I made no mention to Purr Data. Purr Data is something else. I get the confusion, I get the relation, it's not out of purpose to bring this up here, but I want to make things clear.

    I just thought that the actual old extended could be re-usable (movable?) to a Purr data specific flossmanuals and not completly thrown away...

    I agree with making flossmanuals a PureData (pd-vanilla) compatible manual. I just pointed out that flossmanuals PureData could be written in a more accessible way than pd-manuals itself, and could include some externals like else or ceammc later for exemple.
    ceammc lib is handy and too few people know it for exemple. It allows me to make my last workshops less confusing by using a great and exhaustive set of objets grouped by their function and they really "simplify the learning process and makes the language itself more clear."

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    Purr data (or "pd-l2ork2"... still wonder why not choosing a simple name here) is something we should care about because it allows many people to start with Pure data world easily. Also many informations on the web refering to pd-extended libraries are compatible.
    There is even an emscripten version that runs on the web with html5 gui framework that's been working on that might change a lot wokshops with newcomers: https://github.com/cuinjune/purr-data

    So what I see is that pd-vanilla and his minimal gui with computer scientists oriented documentation is not suited for newcomers and artist but purr-data is. So that should make sense that flossmanuals should have a documentation about it.

    Note: On the other side, I prefer using pd-ceammc libraries which are organized AND replace all pd-extended and more, so the best would be having Purr Data + ceammc lib and the peace would come back on earth...

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    If it is possible to edit flossmanuals, I would suggest to keep it, removing obsolete part and modify all references from pd-extended to Purr data since it is a replacement of it?

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    I remember that Gem is broken under OSX. It has always had problems (before it was video input etc...)

    It has so many problems under OSX that I just gave up and I use ofelia, which is more stable and is more consistent between platefoms... but is a bit more difficult at start.

    I made small abstractions that looks like Gem, still experimental but you can install ofelia and give it a try https://github.com/60-hz/Ofelia-Fast-Prototyping

    Also, I think this post need to be moved to the "Pixel" section, which could be renamed like "Visual Processing" to be more clear (include pixel/openGl processing).

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    The forum search is rubbish...... @EEight knows but doesn't have the time to fix it.
    The best option is to use a web google, and if you wish include "pdpatchrepo" in the search to narrow it down to this forum.

    I wonder... will this be fixed one day? Because a working search function would be very helpful and this forum has so many great contents ;)

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    @MikeMorenoDSP said:

    We are open to change to a new wiki system, hosting, etc. But for starting I think it's great.

    That's great yes, lot of useful stuffs already on the wiki that replace all my bookmarks (I will add some others soon). But we need to be aware that finding too many informations on multiple websites might be confusing for new user. And all need to be maintained because up-to-date today's informations will become tomorow obsolet's one...

    So I think what would be nice is to concenrate all efforts to make puredata.info website up to date and also Floss manuals, wich are well referenced and will be find by many users at first.

    I totally agree with an "online reference", max objects have it we could too :)

    Yes, really. But that needs to modify pd sources...

    Sorry for the offtopic question @60Hz but how can I change the color theme in Pd-ceammc?

    I use Pd-Vanilla, and added ceammc externals and ofelia only.
    So pd-next which is vanilla puredata + closebang, initbang and color themes...

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    As a Puredata teacher in a fine art school since 10years (and many workshops in China) the only solution for me to make pd "usable" by my students, was to distributed my own puredata version modified with translated help files from an "computer-scientist" to an "artist" point of view, and with many extra things.

    @whale-av said:

    Maybe adding a "Documentation" link to the console help menu would be a good first move....?

    I agree, if only clickable link could be added to console.

    The doc subfolder names are not enticing..... "3.audio.examples" really could be "3.digital.audio.tutorial" for example.
    I don't think there is even a link to it in the "HTML Manual" which becomes "PD Documentation" when it is opened.
    All very confusing though as the Pd.doc folder is mostly a patching tutorial that complements the Floss manual.

    I agree, the documentation could a bit more explicit and well organised. I simply don't use it and added mine.

    Finally, Here is an example of my pd version that I throw to students now to have a chance to keep them in the game:

    • I am using ceammc a lot, and added some objets and a simple theme:

    • I added a template for every new patches and some personnal icons to ceammc bar:

    • Here is my Intro-help.pd (accessible from any right clic in a patch)

    • I added my own fast prototyping ofelia abstractions:

    • The right click show all the objects (also have auto-completion of course)

    I think right-click on objects should propose "Online Reference" that lead to an online up-to-date documentation... or wiki.

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    Actually this is described in the readme file...

    ## Pd crashes when clicking on a patcherized msgbox
    Patcherization does not re-instantiate any object (or msgbox).
    Instead it just "moves" the selection to the new window, basically leaving
    the object unaware that it's context has changed.
    When clicking on the 'msgbox', the "flashing effect" will try to talk to the
    wrong window, resulting in a crash.
    This could be fixed by doing a Cut-n-Paste instead of sleekily migrating the
    objects, but this would result in objects losing their inner state (not a
    problem for a msgbox, that doesn't have any hidden inner state)
    ## GUI objects do not respond after being patcherized
    See above: the reason for this behaviour is the same (albeit less drastic) than
    the crashing msgbox.
    Unfortunately, generic GUI objects might (and most probably) will have a hidden
    inner st

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