Does anybody know if I can send data to the Behringer BCR2000 (in order to have a pleasing display of LEDs) without having that data come back to PD?

I have made a patch where the BCR2000's knobs simply send increment/decrement info, in powers of 10 (as set by some switches on the Behringer)... so the same knob can add .01, .1, 1, 10, 100, depending on a switch.

This works just fine, but, of course, the Behring thinks it's at, say, "3," when PD is dealing with "2571.42".

This isn't a problem, but it WOULD be nice to have an indication of where PD's data was, by looking at the BCR2000. Is there a way to send [ctlout] (or via another object) info without that number coming back into PD? Obviously, I'd scale the #s to make sense; that's not the problem.

What a small box I'm in... and what is this cat doing here?

ps I've looked at this, and it doesn't seem to relate exactly: