Hi folks,

I'm a total noob in Unity and am going a bit bonkers trying to figure out how to get it to play with PD. I've tried experimenting with a few different Unity packages (eg Magicolo uPD & libpd4unity from melodrive) but even after following the various instructions I get some kind of compiler error and/or have no idea where to put all the different files. I think there's an issue with me using a x64 version of Unity (2019.3.7) with PD packages that were written for older x86 Unity versions... but I have no idea what "recompiling for x64 architecture" involves.

Before I condemn myself to years of study into computer science, does anyone know of any ready-made solutions or up-to-date guides for Unity x64 versions that will help someone like me get PD + Unity talking to each other? (Extra special appreciation if you have any tips for minimising audio latency on Android builds...)

My project:
I'm developing a game (ok... "artwork") for the Oculus Quest (which runs Android). In this "artwork", the user interacts with 3D virtual objects, which causes them to send data to a PD patch, which makes bleeps and does some kind of mathematical juju to feed modified data back to Unity, causing other objects in the virtual world to do different stuff. I'm fine with doing the PD side of things, and am getting the hang of making the interactive environment in Unity. It's just setting up the Unity backend that's killing me...