2017 06 25 01:4:06 - The Way I REALly Want to Play with Her (For My Guitar's Sake (Improv) Remix-0): improv remix (using Anduril and a midi-keyboard as parameter controller)

I think this turned out Really well! (A mix of an old guitar piece where this time instead of the guitar (send it as input~) I "played" the effects.

I configured my "Samson Graphite M25" (USB, midi-keyboard) so the keys sent (0-1)/7 and the velocity sent the [line~] values to my xyz effects.

So I divided the keyboard into 3 sets of 8 controls to send values to my effect parameters, i.e. as I "played" a key, the parameter value [line]d to the chosen value. The greater the velocity the shorter the line.

Was a hell-offa lot of fun.

I also added a key (the 25th) to turn on the elven-cloak (pitch/env~) automatic parameter changer, and my CC's to change the values on a twist.

Hope you like it. Better to hear it than talk about it, right? :-)

The original guitar piece (mine) is one of my favorites I have done and really lent itself to this techinque.

Ciao for Now and Happy PDing.