to as simply and cleanly as possble allow for the selection of an effect from a large-ish set of effects (currently it contains 60 effects (from the DIY2, Stamp Album, and my own collections (in that order on the lists))).


There are four creation arguments which identically align with the four messages you can send to the right inlet.

Left inlet is audio signal
Left outlet is audio signal
Middle outlet is effect-name
Right outlet is effect-index (0-indexed).

The four messages/arguments are
$1: index (0-59);
$2: bypass (0-no bypass, 1-bypassed);
$3: param (as a 2 float list, (0-7(int), 0-1 (float)) to set the value for the chosen parameter for the chosen effect;
$4: command either first, previous, next, or last (0, 1, 2, 3) which actually only trigger those identical buttons on the interface.

Optionally effects may be chosen from the POPUP_LIST button(as a pmenu) if you have the "tof" external library loaded which can be found in Deken.


All of the effects abs are actually loaded when it starts. However each has a [switch~] which is only activated if that index is selected.

They are all housed in "res/abs_PATCHES~_sv.pd" and what is visible is achieved by moving the namedwindow over (a Very carefully) aligned and standardized subwindow for each effect.

The main issue was really standardizing everything, aka. grunt work. Which at the time I desparately needed as my main patch had become sooo abstract it was starting to effect my contentment level :-)).


I am currently (and have been) buiding a more complex example of this abs in practice as a 4 stack with RaspPi+Arduino controller (along with HID-keyboard, MIDI, and OSC) to be used as a "Meta" guitar pedal.

However I currently am not yet ready to release that work.

Wanna give a special thanks, to @whale-av for putting me onto the idea about namedwindows which is actually the backbone of this work.

Peace. Let me know if you need anything or have questions and I will do the best I can to answer them.
PD Forever,

p.s. as I foresee it, what this abs should mean is users can readily drop in not only a single effect abs, but 60 abs all at once, which they can then choose and cross-relate/stack to their hearts content.

p.s.s. I am aware of yet could not resolve the r~/vector size errors which are carry overs from the sympathetic string patch. I have read they do not impact anything, but would like to resolve them if someone can see how. Thanks, in advance.

Thanks, again, everyone who added ideas and moral support.

As I just told my brother the other day: One of the reasons pure data users are so kind is they GET that all mathematics can be mapped on to audio.