I'll go ahead and share this.

I think it is of particular note to PD enthusiasts as it combines a lot of pd concepts and sound-variants/tools/objects, etc. into a single "audio vision".

Tools used (short list)

usb gamepad controller with the joystick x/y pairs routed to control 4-12 parameters on one of about 12 pedals;

a real-time manipulable pedal/effects stack that can shift the (to one of 7) "slots" (places in the audio chain) an effect can occur;

a "carcass" body electic-guitar that has no inner parts (all pic-ups, switches, etc. in the cavity on it) have been replaced with a single (cannabalized off an old microphone i had) single, disc piez0 fun-tacked/and electrical-taped to the inner cavity of the guitar;

...hmmm, I...think that is it.

[(after-thought) The real credit for the sound(s) goes to all those loving, co-partners in this project called Pure Data who do/have shared there effects concepts and files so happi- and readi-ly. You know who you are so I won't go in to details here. May the joy that flowed thru you, also flow thru the rest of us.]

Hope ya'll dig it.

I DO have to tell you and fully admit that musically, the piece is not well,...very endowed.

However, as a demo/prototype of the configuration I think it "works" splendidly. (And I completely and over-flowingly will get back to the stack to make actual "music" (once some other pressing matters are attended to).)

Many happy returns to you today, The Day of All Days.

Peace forever,