Played again a few nights ago, after about a 10 day break. WAAAYYY too long!

The playlist (link) (access the list on this forum using the little grid icon in the top-right of the window) is:

Note: #'s 1-4 are not too pd related (beside using my TiGR guitar-effects/recording rig to recording them) only Hardoff's eq5 in the front, plus my recording_abs to cover the save.

However, #5 is VERY pd-related: I used the TiGR multi-slider router/controller (Mobmuplat-front-end) on TiGR to "stack" first the eq5 then in sequential order 3 4-tap delays (all with the same settings (that's how TiGR handles a "stack")) + 1 reverb.

(note: there is a longish pause at the beginning after I talked when I was turning off the bypass for the rack.)

Do think it turned out well.

Little help: The orig files (I think this is why) where very heavy in the mids. However, when I processed them inside Audacity dropping them using the equalization feature seemed to create an omnipresent sort-of, tho not exactly, fuzzy but "blearing" sound. So advise on that would help. Most direct solution (I think) is just lower the mids upfront using the eq5, right?

peace, good spirits, and Happy Playing,