Part of me wishes I had not given this piece a name, yet do as I must, it is now time for me to release it Into The Wild.

I recorded it in 4 separate improv takes, each one adding a new layer to the previous ones as I listened with Audacity passthru, with vocals last.

The first track was using only vcompander and the DIY2 compressor.
The second track was using the previous settings + Puckette's reverb2.
The third track was using the first settings but not the second and adding mmb's resonant filter.
The final (vocal) track was as clean as I could get it with just a little reverb.

The intention was to come as straight from the Heart as I could and see if I could layer/fold my musical ideas onto themselves and it still resonate as a cohesive whole.

In the end that will be (mostly :-)) for others to decide, but for me I Did achieve that goal with about 95-6% accuracy.

Peace and good will to all you.

2016_05_06 - Trip Tech, a Trio for Three Strings.mp3

p.s. i deducted the 4-5% for the sound quality of the first track because it sounded really garbled: any advise/suggestions on that front would be much appreciated.