• VitaminK

    @whale-av Thanks David. in the mean time i figured some solution my self by using |delay| fed into |float}...|delay| is receiving bang from the key-strokes... will try your solution as well though.
    Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 01.28.12.png

    thanks once again...

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  • VitaminK

    being quite new with PD, i am doing and art project where i'm implementing PD as a frequency oscillator. it's an interactive installation where (simply put) participants change the frequency of the sine-wave by pressing keys (N for down and M for up).
    What i want to do is that, when there is no one interacting with the piece for, let's say, 2 minutes, frequencies start to change randomly.
    I have everything sorted out except one thing and that is how to tell spigot (or should i use something else) to put it self in closed state when there is interaction (someone pressing keys) , and to open again after there is no interaction for a certain period of time.

    I'm on mac PD vanilla 0.49-1)

    thanks ivan

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