• tamé

    Although i see that this post is from 3 years ago -
    Thanks a lot for doing all this!

    One problem -
    your object [diy-adsr~] doesn't work for me...
    Should I do anything particular like install a library or something?


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  • tamé

    @tamé Hehe OK I've found my mistake, adding here for others to use - I just had to send a 0 to the gemhead to first disable its automatic rendering... and it works :)

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  • tamé

    Hi all,

    I need to use single buffering mode in order to plot circles that will stay on the screen.
    I also want to display a video at the same time, using pix_film, but it doesn't seem to work -
    After sending the buffer 1 message to the gemwin, I am sending bangs via a metro to the gemhead object that outputs to the pix_film. But nothing happens...
    Does anyone know why?

    Thank you so much in advance...

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  • tamé

    OK I now succeeded to open your file - had to download github (sorry its my first time! :))
    Thanks a lot for the patch! Its very nice and helps. I will try to figure out if I can adapt it to my needs - which will probably include creating a long table that will start from all zeros, and will be created and displayed during the process...
    Will update after I have my version
    Thanxxxx <3

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  • tamé

    Thanks for trying to help!

    • I cannot get to open this .pd file in Pd.. (and I cannot understand the raw code..) am I doing something wrong? I get many error messages such as -
      </td>: no such object

    • Trying to explain better what I m trying to do - I am designing an interactive installation, in which the user can control the timeline of a video via creating sounds (such as clapping and singing. Technically, I map incoming audio parameters extracted by fiddle~ , to a single number that will control the timeline.
      I want to generate online a plot of this number (the evolution of the timeline) on the y axis, versus the real time (generated via a counter) on the x axis. I want to display on this plot a new graph each time that a new user creates this interaction, So the x and y axes will be there fixed, and every time a new user will interact with the system, anothe graph will be added, during the interaction...
      Better? :)

    Thanks - a - lot !

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  • tamé

    Hi to all,
    I want to plot in the Gem window a graph that will visualise the evolution of a process in real time. So effectively I have just 1 number that changes and I want to plot this graph on-line. I thought that an easy way to do it is just to draw individual pixels, controlling their location on the screen with the number. Is this possible?

    Another way would be to use a line between the two points but then I need to add more and more lines and to make them stay on the screen without disappearing...

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

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  • tamé

    Hello people!

    I am trying to control the running of a video loop with a slider.

    For this I am using [pix_film]. I load a video through the left inlet.
    I am sending the numbers from my slider into the right inlet, and these numbers correspond to the frame number being displayed.

    It works fine but there is a strange problem! When using a video with approximately 300 frames, only in the range of 1-10 - the beginning of the video, the image starts flipping upside down spontaneously... It not always in the same number, but only in the range 1-10. For higher numbers till 300 the video runs fine without flipping.

    Does anybody know something about this problem? Any ideas of how to fix it??


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  • tamé

    update -

    I have discovered that there was a [pix_flip] object somewhere in the chain...
    when I remove it, the problem is usually fixed, but sometimes everything gets flipped!
    This object seems unstable or maybe there is some kind of noise in the stream of data that makes it go a bit crazy! :)

    any insight regarding this issue would be appreciated


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