• sladeczek


    i build a pure-data patch with the function of a multitrack audio player. to control this patch, i used the osc-extension. my problem is, that pure data ignores the first 4-10 messages, when the patch is fresh started.

    does anybody know why? ... and how i can fix this problem?

    best regards christoph

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  • sladeczek


    is there a possibility to load *.wav - files with the http - protocol into an array? i use pure data under fedora core 5 (as root) as realtime multi-track audio player. because of problems with the userright-management in the local network, i want to load my *.wav files from a http-server. please let me know, if anybody knows a possibility. thanx a lot


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  • sladeczek

    hallo obiwannabe,

    >>>Can you find a command to flush all the messages through?

    i don't understand your question. the messages where sent by a programm written in c++.
    they will definitly sent by this programm. only if the pure data patch is fresh started the first messages will be lost.

    i tested it with this little patch:

    [dumpOSC 3456]

    thanx for the post


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