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    I would love to play around with these ideas, but none of the above patches work with Ofelia v3.1.0.
    I tried to update the file ofelia-2-gridx.pd and made some small changes in order to make it work, but it doesn't seem to really work as expected; it doesn't show any graphics besides the background... I added some question marks where I'm not sure if I did the right thing.
    Could you please take a look? Also, this is the first time for me uploading something here, so please excuse me, if I'm doing something silly :-)1544816749521-ofelia2_gridx-new.pd

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    @nicnut you cannot put it into a message like that. sorry if it wasn't clear. it's a startup flag that you use in the terminal or via ascript when starting the Pd application.
    here's more: https://puredata.info/docs/faq/commandline
    Haven't gotten pd~ to work here and i don't know if it suits your workflow, but if for starting pd (the program) you add "-alsamidi" on the command-line, pd will be started with ALSA-MIDI checked.

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    by "start up message" you mean inside the patch, right?

    because, there's also the command line option "pd -alsamidi" (for starting Pd)..

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    @altibzz were the libraries that you tried compiled for your architecure? as i understand it - and i might be not quite right! - the libraries have to either be pre-compiled for your cpu/os or you compile them yourself. at least that's the case with some objects, i think.

    as for [hid] on raspberry (3b+, raspbian stretch), i couldn't find anything on deken, but i think "sudo apt-get install pd-hid" did the trick for me.
    it works with my wireless keyboard. i quickly tried an example-patch to find out whether the window's focus has something to do with pd's receiving of the data. with the gui active, i could switch windows and it still worked, but starting Pd with the -nogui flag, it didn't work, because - it seemed that - the keyboard inputs where only interpreted (and thus 'intercepted'?) by the terminal (the terminal's ascii cursor was moved by typing) and not Pd anymore. but this was just a quick and dirty test!

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