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    bocanegra, thank you for the feedback! Im about to head into the woods for a weekend hike but once I get back home I’m gonna dig into all the knowledge you just shared. Appreciate it.

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    I wanted to say thanks to everyone on this site who has answered other people's questions and also to those who asked the questions; I've benefited tremendously from both and have been able to get started with puredata patching.

    I wanted to share this quick video of a reverb patch I made. It adds reverb to either an audio file or a line in. I can hook up my electric guitar via iRig and then do some fun reverbs or load up a wav file and then apply effects.

    The reverb is just cyclone/allpass~ but, by having this goal in mind I've had to learn about reading files, writing to arrays, delays, monitoring signals, etc. There are a couple of improvements I want to make and there are lots of ideas about how I can tweak things or add new inputs that will modify the signal.

    (40 second video on instagram)

    Thanks again!

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    This is whatpd-lib-builder eventually uses for the architecture:

    variable system = Darwin
    variable target.arch = x86_64
    variable target.triplet = x86_64 apple darwin20.6.0
    variable version = 0.6.0
    variable version.flag = -mmacosx-version-min=10.6

    Not sure what would imply silicon. If I understand the problem it's that lldb doesn't see the dynamically loaded library (my external) and even after it's loaded, it still doesn't see it. I confess I'm mostly used to gdb and lldb is totally new to me.

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    Hi afsacp, thanks for sharing this. I'm running Xcode v13 and am having problem having it use my setpoints. I can set one and then when Pd launches, the setpoints turn gray and display the following error:

    I've even added my extern to be automatically loaded on Pd startup.

    If I try to run it on the command line with lldb /path/to/pd and I try to set a breakpoint

    (lldb) breakpoint set -file pdhi.c --line 20

    i get this:

    Breakpoint 1: no locations (pending).
    WARNING:  Unable to resolve breakpoint to any actual locations.

    I confirmed that the extern is loaded because I can see it print to the PD log window on extern load and also on new or bang if I make a patch.

    Have you had success with v13?

    If you have a chance, here's my very simple project: https://github.com/rcadena/pdhi
    And I'm using pd-lib-builder as a submodule for using a Makefile to build this stuff.

    Thanks in advance.

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