• rotho

    @weightless Ok thanks for the help.

    In the end I realised the things we need to do will be a whole developers job in themselves, so we are going to abstract that out of Pd and handle it via an API

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  • rotho

    Hi everyone,

    I am working on something where I want to do this -

    • player algorithm chooses when it wants to play files
    • it queries a database of files which are tagged with various things ( key, bpm, mood, instrumentation )
    • this process returns an appropriate file, or set of files

    Doing this with vanilla Pd objects could get very fiddling quickly - maybe coll could do it?

    Does anyone know of an external which could handle the database?
    or would it be best to build this as a request to some other piece of code which returns a filename?


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  • rotho

    this is great stuff :)

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