• Roomy

    @weightless Cheers for the quick response!
    Im going to try to download the libraries on to the vanilla, I wasn't aware you could do it without needing to "break into the matrix" or something aha..

    And I will check out Purr Data! I just hope its cross compatible with Pd Extended.

    @whale-av Cheers also for the quick response!
    Unfortunately Pd Extended won't force start or anything so I can't actually open the file :cry: .. Thanks for the suggestion tho! And I have removed both vanilla and extended so that they cannot conflict with each other. Still no gravy :( Guess this is the final nail in the coffin for me aha..

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  • Roomy

    Another thing I find weird with Pd extended is when its crashes and shows "Not Responding". I can only to kill the app with Force Quit.

    Even after the app has gone it still shows up in the activity monitor and its using a insane amount of CPU.

    Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 08.01.08.png

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  • Roomy

    Hey guys I'm new here and I have a huge issue with pd extended. I have been using pd vanilla in my classes for the past year and we are asked to use the extended version for some of our projects later down the line.

    So I've installed pd extended 0.43.4 (we're specifically asked to use this version and nothing else..) and its never worked quite as well as the vanilla version. It was constantly crashing when I tried to opened it from the start.

    After googling around I found that my "hosts" file was wrong or something..? I deleted it and made a new one in the terminal (followed some bog on how to do it) while also following multiple other steps from the first page of a google search "Pd extended doesn't open". Some how Pd extended worked perfectly for about a day!

    Then I changed the audio setting to have my Interface as an output and just like magic, it died again. I have now had multiple fresh installs of it and it still breaks upon opening.

    Any ideas on how to fix the issue? Or to at lest find out what the issue is?


    Ps. sorry if anything I'm posting isn't clear, its 8am and I haven't had my coffee yet...

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