• RayManiac

    Thank you, very much! Now I think, I can manage the Processing application myself. :smiley:

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  • RayManiac

    In Processing, I set up the osc event method to receive a String from pd.

    OscP5 oscP5;
    String string;
    int port = 12001;
    void setup()
      oscP5 = new OscP5(this, port);
    void draw()
    void oscEvent(OscMessage message) 
      if (message.addrPattern().equals("/string"))
         string =  message.arguments()[0].toString();

    How to send a string like "Hello, Processing!" to Processing?
    I don't know

    My Patch looks like this:


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  • RayManiac

    I made it now, as you both said. The localhost has been changed to static IP address of my computer. I also tried pd on my VM and I can now send data to my main OS. Highly thanks to you both!

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  • RayManiac

    Yes, my computers are on the same private network within the same subnet.
    I have taken the same example from the pd Kreidler tutorial with the message "send hello".
    The connection message contains the values "localhost 1000".

    @ddw_music: The higher port numbers don't work either. And UDP is also not working.

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  • RayManiac

    According to the Pd tutorial http://www.pd-tutorial.com/english/ch04s04.html I have to use "netsend" to send a message to a Pd patch from another computer,

    My console only prints:

    setting SO_BROADCAST
    connecting to port 1000
    connecting stream socket: Unknown error (10061)

    In the Pd of my other computer I set up a netreceive object, but nothing happens.
    How to troubleshoot this error?

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  • RayManiac

    @whale-av said:

    @RayManiac Yes...... Gem 0.93 32-bit was always working.
    The only thing I can find in the extendedview 360 cam (that works) is that a "1" is banged into the left inlet of [pix_video] as the patch is created.
    Try that with 05c-movement2.pd.....?

    @whale-av: I already run 05c-movement2.pd. It worked. If I compare the [pix_video] output from my notebook with the output of my PC I notice the videoInput is completely different. Maybe it is a software error on my PC?

    Thanks you this hint about the extendedview360cam. It might be useful.

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  • RayManiac

    I've installed PureData Version 0.47 on my Windows Notebook with GEM 0.93.3 (32-Bit) and I can run my webcam without any errors.

    My Notebook has the following properties:
    OS: Windows 10 Pro Version 1903
    RAM: 6 GB
    System Type: 64 Bit
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3337U CPU @ 1.80 GHz

    I ask myself why this versions work on my notebook properly and not on my PC?

    Here's the output of my console:

    GEM: Graphics Environment for Multimedia
    GEM: ver: 0.93.3 
    GEM: compiled: Nov 10 2011
    GEM: maintained by IOhannes m zmoelnig
    GEM: Authors :  Mark Danks (original version)
    GEM:        Chris Clepper
    GEM:        Cyrille Henry
    GEM:        IOhannes m zmoelnig
    GEM: with help by Guenter Geiger, Daniel Heckenberg, James Tittle, Hans-Christoph Steiner, et al.
    GEM: found a bug? miss a feature? please report it:
    GEM:    homepage http://gem.iem.at/
    GEM:    bug-tracker http://sourceforge.net/projects/pd-gem/
    GEM:    mailing-list http://lists.puredata.info/listinfo/gem-dev/
    GEM: compiled for SIMD architecture: SSE2 MMX 
    GEM: using SSE2 optimization
    [pix_video]: backend #0='DS'    : directshow dv iidc analog 
    GEM: GLEW version 1.5.4
    GEM: Start rendering
    GEM: Stop rendering

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  • RayManiac

    @whale-av No, I have only one camera device connect to my computer. I unzipped the entire download and opened it with Pd.
    I look after spaces in the path. I want to make sure, that everthing is alright. If I got further problems I'll let you know.

    Thank you!

    Edit: Strange, after I opened the 03b_ev_example_360_degree_livecam.pd and the 05c-movement2.pd, I can suddenly run the camera.
    But if I close the 03b_ev_example_360_degree_livecam.pd, my camera is not working in 05c-movement2.pd anymore.

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