• Rachitic dada

    I FINALLY made it work, it's now as reliable and foolproof as i can patch it!



    I spent quite some time to make it clean and well working, so i'm not sure it will save me time in the end, but i'm sure it can save you some, so please use it! Bear in mind you HAVE to modify it to contain your own audio and midi devices. Their names can be found using audiosettings and midisettings objects.

    Each patch containing this one, if correctly modified, will create and send to pd the correct message to tell it to put which device on which "slot" of the audio and midi settings menus.

    I also made a patch for audiosettings, which sets the audio interface of your choice, with all the appropriate settings, plus another "plan B" setting in case the main audio interface is missing.

    Once properly set up, you only have to worry about plugging your audio and midi devices before launching Pd. What a relief in terms of time and stress, especially in live situations!

    Sadly it needs Loopmidi or something similar to work, with as much virtual midi devices as the real ones you'll be using: if one or several devices are missing, the virtual ones will replace them in the midi settings, so it doesn't ruin the order of devices. I named them DUMMYIN\ 1 and DUMMYOUT\ 1 to 5 because i don't have more than 5 midi devices plugged at once. you have to create these DUMMY things in loopmidi to get this patch to work.

    (I tried with one dummy midi device in and one dummy out, but it doesn't work if two real midi devices are missing in a row: pd apparently won't let you have twice the same device on consecutive slots)

    the next steps would be to make it more user friendly, by sending messages to it, so it can be used in several different projects without being edited inside.

    The most convenient solution would be to modify Pd source code to make these settings behave differently, by assigning a UNIQUE number to each device, being plugged or not, or accepting messages that contain the order of devices BY THEIR NAME and not a randomly assigned number... then it would be possible to store a simple midi and audiosettings message in each patch.

    Thx for reading

    #proudofmyself #nobodycaresaboutthisbutyouwhoareherebecauseofthesamepreoblem

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  • Rachitic dada

    thank you very much! so the later bang in t b b will wait all calculation to be done with the first?
    I'm having a big problem with one of my midi devices, which name finishes by eight spaces, and i can't route it, even with \\\\. as it ends with spaces, i think it confuses route object. I tried to change its name via windows but it's even more upsetting and inefficient. Any ideas? i will search answers to that and post them here if found, except if it's too much out of topic.

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  • Rachitic dada

    Thank you @whale-av ! i did this little patch where you have to enter the names of your midi devices, in the order you want them in the midi settings. I have to test it on other configurations to see if it works properly. I'm unhappy with the pipe objects but that was seemingly the best option to avoid double triggering, or missing info in the pack ffff... route object don't seem to bang its outputs from right to left.

    I also struggle to install mediasettings, and i currently have to open the midi-settings-help patch to get pd to acknowledge midi-settings object. Sorry for the noobism!

    hope this will help others someday, if this does work reliably it's a big step forward for me, to be able to use pd in live configurations with many midi devices. In case of a bug/crash it's gonna save some time and stress !

    brouillon midi settings.pd

    PS you might also wanna adjust the [ 4 6 ( message at the end of the instruction sent to pd. i don't know what i t means but i noticed it was there every time i printed midi settings, so i put it. if anyone knows...

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  • Rachitic dada

    I would like to get puredata to place midi devices in the same order at startup, or at project startup. I already made [ pd midi-dialog ( messages with some success, as long as you keep your usb midi devices plugged the same way. This is when it gets frustrating, as pd or windows rearranges midi devices randomly when you unplug them and replug them between sessions. As i use pd on a laptop, i unplug midi devices often to do other stuff than puredata with it. i would like puredata to use the same midi devices and placed in the same order in the midi dialog, to make [ pd midi-dialog( messages relevant. Don't know if i'm clear, thanks for reading!


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  • Rachitic dada

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to send a polyphonic (11 voices) midi note out to a midi automated flute. Each note of the flute is the result of a unique combination of closed and open holes, so i have to refresh the status of every 11 holes for each note.

    The abstraction i'm using works relatively fine (sometimes but rarely, pd freezes when i use it) but when i use it with DSP on, and pd as a dsp insert for other instruments i use, it crackles at each note played.

    I had the same problem with a sorting abstraction. Using a better made one using lists solved the problem. So i hope it can be done better.

    Here is the abstraction i currently use: noteoutflute.pd

    I multiplied triggers to be sure everything is done in the correct order, however i suspect that so many bangs is causing audio crackles.

    I tried to connect all the note out messages to the same noteout object but it doesn't work at all (???)

    Should I try with a list, an array, and/or midi out object instead of noteout? I'm kinda lost.

    Thanks for reading this too long of a post!


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  • Rachitic dada

    @whale-av I decided to erase every .reg file out of frustration, and pd vanilla 64 bit works again, taking 0 to 2% of cpu ! metro object sounds precise enough to my ears so i won't try to mess with -nosleep and such. If I come across the right .reg file to erase, so pd doesn't forget every preference, i will up this post with the info. Thanks again!


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  • Rachitic dada

    Hi everyone, first post here, this forum and great community already helped me a lot, thanks !!

    I'm stuck with this problem:

    when i launch puredata, it uses 25% of cpu, which corresponds to one full cpu core (!!!)

    I tried with or without -rt, -nosleep, -sleepgrain <1>, blocksize <64>, it doesn't change anything (i use these tags to increase precision in timers, delays and metros)

    I tried reinstalling it, i tried it in 32 bits, i tried it in different priority modes with windows task manager.

    i tried with pd-extended and no problem! 0 to 2% cpu usage with dsp off, even with fat midi patches...

    ...but the metro object in it is erratic (skips some beats !), contrary to vanilla's, so i'm currently stuck with a cooking-egg hot and howling fan laptop.

    Anyone encountered this problem?
    any help would be much appreciated!!


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