• protein kyn

    Sorry but I have problems with ggee and iemlib I have this message : can't load library. I load in startup and in paths ggee and iemlib but it's not OK. Why?
    Thank you for your help.

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  • protein kyn

    @whale-av Thank you very much for your help. I declared zexy only in paths but not in startup. Now it's OK.
    Thank you very much.

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  • protein kyn

    I'm new with pure data and I want help. I'm on Ubuntu 16.04LTS and PD is 0.46.7. All library are installed via synaptic.
    On the first page of PD I have this message : list2symbol ...could't create.
    I go on this page http://blazicek.net/list_of_pure_data_objects.html
    and I see that list2symbol is in ZEXY. ZEXY is installed and I see in the folder /usr/lib/pd/extra/zexy the list of objects. For list2symbol I see only list2symbol-help but not list2symbol !!! It's the same for makesymbol, matchbox, limiter, lifop ... and many more but not all. Why?
    I reinstalled ZEXY but it's the same problem.! I put a screenshot of the folder of ZEXY. In blue it's OK and in red it's the problem.PureData20171108.png
    Sorry for my bad english !!!
    Thank you for your help

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