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    thank you so much this got it running perfectly. i used the third outlet of [pix_film] to bang an (auto $0) to the first inlet, and used [oneshot] to bang a 1 to the right inlet of pix_film. also in the photo i had the patch disconnected from the temperature sensed data just to be able to test it with a bang I sent manually.

    lmk if you'd still want access to the patch and I can upload it

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    I am programming a simple patch (on mac osx) to link a temperature sensor data trigger via arduino to video playback with gem and having various issues getting the video to open and playback consistently. I've gotten the patch to work successfully occasionally by reseting the video file (through changing it to an .aiv file, running the patch without success, then changing the file back to .mov and running the patch with success) however this manual reset only works once and then i encounter the below issues when trying to run the patch again.

    my first issue is that often the video file will open with (auto 1)--[pix_film] and only show a still frame image from the file without playing through, so i have to manually close [gemwin] instead of the third outlet bang from [pix_film] routing to [destroy], resetting [oneshot] to allow the bang to be triggered again, and resetting the toggle-- (auto 1)

    my second issue is the most often the initial [trigger bang bang] that I've routed to simultaneously (create)--[gemwin], and toggle the (auto 1)--[pix_film file.mov] will instantly route to the finished [bang] on the third outlet of [pix_film] without opening [gemwin] or playing back the video at all, though the toggle will be activated until I manually turn it off.

    since the patch works successfully sometimes for one round of -- opening window turning on the toggle-running playback-closing window and turning off the toggle-- i am wondering if there is a necessary message to reset [pix_film file.mov] in order to get the patch to work cyclically

    any help would be greatly appreciated asap as im planning to utilize the patch live tonight

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