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    14 channels of monophonic sequencing, 32 steps with probabilities

    2 channels of polyphonic sequencing each with 4 polyphony, 32 steps with probabilities

    14 sample based monophonic sound generators at 24/44.1 each with basic adsr envelope and multimode filter and overdrive

    2 channels of polyphonic sample based generator with help of synths engines each consist of 3 envelops and 3 lfos, 1 multimode filters, basic sample scan (taking in consideration the granular aspect if is not a cpu hungry process, but I suspect it is)

    total of 16 insert effects, one for each channel, send return reverb and delay and a basic master chain effect with multi-band compressor and a limiter.

    so a total of max 22 channels polyphony of sample engines at 24/44.1 with a really low buffer size to allow midi sync capabilities in very good stability state.

    @oid said:
    You really need to work out a full spec before sane help can be offered.

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    Thanks for the input guys, really interesting point of views

    Would be interesting to know which specific platforms/languages/toolkits you would prefer instead if you were in our shoes and why?

    for example this is a very good argument:

    "struggeling to solve how to get midi-i/o without jitter around the block-boundaries of 64 samples, there are popping up tens of new AI libs in Python."

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    Guys thanks so much for you replies, interesting topics especially on the business side.

    So to give you a bit more details about the project:

    It will be an embedded linux based project, most probably ARM cpu, 16 channels of fixed instruments, and I agree with you about the originality of the concept an here we have in mind many improvements and simplified controls vs the actual and old concepts of grooveboxes to make the musicians feel musicians and not engineers and programers. Obviously its a subjective impression and test it internally by us and we will need gather many other impressions to conclude.

    Indeed Organelle was the project made us thinking also about PD but it seems their platform is related to "one time pony patch" and it is not going to a more complex all in one instrument, so thats why my question is coming again, strictly as technical platform is PD reliable for this kind of project?
    Also resources wise? Also related to the quality and diversity of the tools available?

    Also related to the protection of the work, is there any solution to make the project "closed" ?

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    Hey guys, new to the forum :)

    I represent a group of musicians and programers that wants to start a commercial project related to a groovebox.

    We are in the phase of explore the routes we can have to achieve our goals and implement our concept.

    What is your opinion about using PD for this type of project, the project is related a lot to complex sequencers, samplers, synthesis and basic audio processing.

    Looking forward to your opinions.


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