• peanutboy

    Hello there,

    the previous installation is now polished and working better than ever.

    Up for 6-12 months.

    new footage

    much better


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  • peanutboy

    Hello all,

    I have completed an installation. check it out.

    using an artbus microcontroller, which is being developed at the institute that i attend.

    this video shows a couple of different patcehs running through our canvas.

    while you are there, check out some of the other projects. the artbus is a really great controller.


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  • peanutboy

    Hello all,

    I have a patch in which I need to write to a table #10xx
    it is within an abstraction and it is named $0-tab2
    everythime I open the patch it is named somewhere random between



    i need to be able to either keep this number constant or be able to read that number using a variable which will always know where that number is and adjust accordingly.

    any suggestions would be MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH appreciated.

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  • peanutboy


    I am building a patch where a sound is sent to a table contained inside of another abstraction. the - resize command does not seem to be doing the job i need the array to shrink and expand in relation to the wav. file it is being fed. this works from within the same window but i cant get it to work from outside the window from which it sits.

    i hop i am being clear enough here,

    thanks in advance,


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  • peanutboy

    no audio. no sound. nothing.

    Noob alert

    I am using GEM and pd to link audio and a video source

    my audio has not worked since trying to use Gem with my isight, but before it was fine.
    am i missing something here. PLEASE HELP!

    I am trying to link audio numbers to numbers which are controlling my video signal and in both instances(both computers) I can no longer get ANY audio out of pure data. my patches, the audio examples. nothing.

    any suggestions would be much appreciated




    audio is now working on my poweer PC but not at all on my intel mac . a mac pro

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  • peanutboy

    Didn't have a whole lot of time to play, but what I did was really nice, kudos.

    are the loaded sounds locked in to a four on the floor type rhythm? or can you change the rhythm of the added elements?

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  • peanutboy

    This is really great stuff!

    I have just recently been trying to build tight snare and bass kicks from the ground up.

    these rock my socks a bit.

    a lot to learn from here. many thanks to all who contributed and built these

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  • peanutboy

    All this stuff is just incredible,

    Thanks ichabod, for the slow G4 version. I'll take a look.

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  • peanutboy

    Thank you for the comments guys,

    It is so nice to have a piece of free software with such a great community built around it.

    the list and this site are always of such great amounts of help.

    hardoff, I'm working on the teleportation bit now.


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  • peanutboy

    I really like what I heard, though I cant seem to dissect it because it nearly made my powerbook g4 explode.

    nice stuff.

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