• Orel

    Hi, here is my first try at making generative music.
    I would be glad to ear your feedbacks : )

    Hope you'll enjoy it, have a nice day.

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  • Orel

    Hi, I'm kind of new to pure data, and using it for generative music. My goal is to finally use it in video games.
    I'm sorry for the title, which really is about a vast problem I guess... But here I am, I love the programing and logical part of pure data, but I 'm struggling to make the synths I create sound nice and sophisticated. I mean, it seems to be quite easy to make something that sounds like chiptune, but I would like to make more full and complex sounds. I'm trying to cheat by putting delay and LFO all over the place but that is not really satisfying ^^

    I am not sure about what I am asking here. maybe if there is some kind of resource to learn sound design processes in pd, or some cool examples of nice sounding synths...

    I know it is not a really precise question, I hope you can help though :) thx for reading

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